Popular mayor of Venezuela’s capital city arrested for plotting coup

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By Miles Yu, Geostrategy-Direct.com

Under orders from President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan intelligence service agents on Feb. 19 stormed the office of Mayor Antonio Ledezma of the capital city Caracas and man-handled him in broad daylight without explanation or arrest warrant.

Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma.
Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma.

The agents shot bullets into the sky to scare away stunned and angry onlookers. Later the Venezuelan government charged the mayor of plotting a U.S.-instigated coup against Maduro.

Mayor Ledezma’s arrest ignited an instant wave of protests in the city and elsewhere. Car horns, loud banging of cooking ware, vociferous shouting created a cacophony of anger and outrage.

Ledezma was elected mayor of Caracas in 2008. His opponent was a Socialist Party crony of late strongman Hugo Chavez.

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