The path to happiness for new EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini

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New age religion: The road to universal happiness passes through the creation of the Palestinian State.

By Alexander Maistrovoy

Right after taking office, Federica Mogherini, the new EU foreign minister, said she “would be happy if by the end of my term, a Palestinian state existed”.

Federica Mogherini
Federica Mogherini

The solution to the acutely painful conflict in Ukraine, the destruction of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), anarchy in Libya, hundreds of thousands of African migrants rushing to Italy (home of Mogherini, by the way), the ongoing massacre in Syria, Lebanon on the brink of chaos, the literal exodus of Christians from the Middle East, — all these are secondary. Her dream is the creation of a Palestinian state. She arrived in Jerusalem and Ramallah only a couple of days after taking office to demonstrate her stance on the issue.

Mogherini might know that it is a chronic, local, 50-year-old conflict that in reality doesn’t have any impact on the situation in the region, and certainly not in the world. She could be aware of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s desperate efforts. Kerry was so confident that Palestine was a winning ticket, a pass to the cherished post-apocalyptic era. He visited the Holy Land almost every week while forgetting about everything else. The outcome of all his efforts? A complete fiasco.

Perhaps, Mogherini had to consider the pressure from the outside? From the Arabs, for instance? In such case her actions could be understandable, although such conduct could be seen as cowardly, with ominous associations with Munich. But there was no such pressure. The Arab countries — Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Kuwait — nowadays do not even care about Israel. They need to survive, to resist Iran and “jihadists”. The last thing they want is another Hamastan at their borders.

Could it be American pressure? Perhaps. But for what benefit to the Europeans. They would have to pay while USA gets all the dividends.

So what is behind Mogherini’s passionate desire and dream? It is neither politics nor interests. It’s the “pursuit of happiness”. It is the irrational religious ideology similar to Communist and Nazi ones. It is the messianic faith that it is possible to radically improve the world by overcoming the main obstacle on the road to happiness. And this obstacle is the “Palestinian problem”.

Such is the messianic ideology of our time, known as Postmodernism, and which, like all religions, has its own dogmas of faith.

They are the following:

  • Dogma number one: Political Correctness, targeting white racism, is the rule, and the Third World is always right.

We know about “White savagery” and “White ferocity”*. We know that history of the white race has been an endless spiral of unspeakable horror** and great European classics of last centuries are “Dead White European Males” (DWEM).

There is only white racism. There are no such concepts as black racism and colored racism.

It is absolutely “moral” to rob and humiliate the South African Boers; even publicly sing the song “shoot the Boer with machine guns” as South African President Zuma did. To forcibly take away the land from whites as Mugabe has done is not really a problem. Certainly not our problem. No one is interested in all that. The same goes for black and colored racism directed against no other black and colored people.

In Congo, Pygmies are used as “pets.”In Mauritania the whole population is divided into castes: “White Berbers” — slaveholders, “Black Berbers” — the lower classes and Negros — slaves, who are composed of about 600 thousand people (about 20 percent of the population). Girls are married off at the age of 8 to 10 years.

In Zimbabwe, Ndebele tribe people suffer from discrimination much more than whites in Mugabe’s hierarchical system.

In many Third World countries, women’s fate is to be sex slaves. Gays, lesbians and transsexuals are persecuted. They are doomed to beatings, stoning, to the most severe humiliations and mockery.

In Pakistan, according to Koranic laws (Hadd), a non-Muslim may testify in court only if the victim is also a non-Muslim. The testimony of women (Muslim or non-Muslim) is not admissible.

All this is irrelevant to the overweening rectitude of Political Correctness Dogma.

  • Dogma number two: Multiculturalism. The religions of Judaism and Christianity are medieval relics characterized by obscurantism and fanaticism. All other religions — Islam, paganism, voodoo, etc — are positive by definition because they are part of national traditions and cultural diversity.

Pogroms of Copts by Salafis with the connivance of “Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt during Mohamed Morsi’s rule; penalty for converting to Christianity in Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh; persecutions of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan; the burning of Orthodox churches in Kosovo; bullying Zoroastrians and Baha’is in Iran; killing the Mandaeans-Gnostic in Iraq by Islamists? This does not bother the socially acceptable postmodernists.

Churches are forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Buddhists’ shrines are destroyed in Malaysia. All these are considered normal. They do not constitute religious fanaticism — they are merely phenomena of cultural diversity.

  • Dogma number three: ‘No’ to the abuses by the State (by which is meant states of the West).

No such lofty expectations of Third World countries. Nobody requests the monarchies of Persian Gulf countries to grant equal rights to labor migrants from Southeast Asia and Africa, who exist like semi-slaves within the sponsorship system. Qatar is a truly multicultural state: out of two million people only 300 thousand are locals. The 1,700,000 people have no rights.

No one insists that Bhutan stops discrimination of Lhotshampa population, one-fifth of country’s entire population. Nobody brings up the issue of minorities’ rights — of the Hindi and the Chinese — in Malaysia.

  • Dogma number four – Islamophobia.

Initially this was part of the political correctness Dogma, but it later became a particular area of the sacred knowledge of Postmodernism. Currently Muslims are the “proletariat” of the 21st century, the vanguard of the oppressed population and the progressive class. They are victims of European oppression; “Noble savages” that stand up against greedy and mercantile West. Edward Said is the icon of the enlightened world. Mentioning the Muslim crimes in history and in our time — the status of “dhimmi”, call for the Caliphate, the legitimacy of slavery, pedophilia, female circumcision, etc – is utterly prohibited.

  • Dogma number five: Conflicts must be resolved immediately and permanently.

Philosophers of the Enlightenment believed that by freeing people from the shackles of oppression and giving them wealth, one can stop wars, conflicts and miseries. It was unattainable and history has proved it repeatedly. Such illusion may have been justifiable three hundred years ago, but not today.

  • The Palestinians are the embodiment of all these Dogmas of faith.

They are the personification of anti-colonialism, the virginal purity and righteousness of the Third World. They struggle with the “religious fanaticism” of Jews, who allow themselves to refer to Biblical texts and prophecies. They oppose Zionism — the idea of Jewish nationhood. Their future state is sacred, even if it becomes “Judenrein” and eventually leads to the elimination of Israel. The mere fact that the Palestinians are Muslims grants them holiness, righteousness and virtue. Finally, it is, indeed, one of the most long-lasting conflicts. The forever longed for Palestinian state would solve all other conflicts, would provide universal peace, harmony and the triumph of the socially acceptable religion of Postmodernism.

The road to hell is paved with such pious intentions.


*Rosa Amelia Plumelle-Uribe, White Savagery: Hidden Genocide from 1492 to Today”;

** Loue’s Sala-Molin


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