Canadian capitalism booming as conservative PM roars to victory

The Canadian economy is outperforming that of the world’s superpower. The Canadian dollar is stronger than America’s—and its 3.3 percent annual growth last year makes America’s 2.9 percent growth look miserable by comparison. In 2011, the Canadian economy is growing faster than any other G-7 nation.

As a result of its small-government, pro-business polices, the Canadian Conservative government roared to victory on Monday, signaling an endorsement of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s masterful stewardship. Since when is it appropriate to say “Canada” and “capitalism” in the same sentence?

It used to be that American conservatives would regularly mock our neighbors to the north as “socialists” — “The Socialist Republic of Canuckistan,” they would sneer. That was back in the day when America espoused limited government and Canadians elected leaders to enlarge the state. Yet, since the later years of the Bush administration, Americans are interventionist and Canadians allow the free market to propel the economy to great heights. And the results are unmistakable: The Canadian economy is thriving while the American one barely has a pulse.

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