Iran’s IRGC providing Hizbullah networks in Lebanon a telecommunications upgrade

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LONDON — Iran is overseeing an effort to enhance Hizbullah’s
telecommunications network in Lebanon.

Western diplomatic sources said Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
(IRGC) is financing and supervising a program to modernize Hizbullah telecommunications and
data networks in Lebanon. They said IRGC has sent engineers and technicians
to Beirut and southern Lebanon as well to train Hizbullah personnel.

“The network is separate from Lebanon’s telephone network and can be
encrypted to avoid penetration,” a diplomat said.

In September, Hizbullah began to expand and enhance the
telecommunications network in several areas of Lebanon. In southern Lebanon,
local residents have tried to block the Hizbullah upgrade.

The diplomats said Iran is also upgrading the telecommunications
network in the Gaza Strip for the Hamas regime. They said Iran sent
equipment smuggled from Egypt through the tunnels of the Gaza Strip after
the Hamas war with Israel in 2009.

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