In strategic consultation with Russia, Israel appeals for halt to Iran, Syria WMD sales

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JERUSALEM — Israel and Russia have completed a strategic dialogue
that focused on weapons proliferation.

Officials said delegations from Israel and Russia met on Nov. 29 as part
of the strategic dialogue between two countries. They said the session
included Russian arms sales to the Middle East, particularly Iran and Syria.

“The dialogue addressed a wide variety of themes related to
proliferation, regional security and arms control, and led to in-depth
discussions of diplomatic and defense issues of great import to Israel and
Russia,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.

The ministry said the Russian delegation was headed by Deputy Foreign
Minister Sergei Rybakov, who later met Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor
Lieberman. The Israeli contingent was led by Jeremy Issacharoff, deputy
director-general for strategic affairs at the Foreign Ministry.

Israel has sought to stop a series of major military sales to Syria,
including that of the Yakhont cruise missile and the S-300 air defense
system. Officials said Israel has also sought to garner Russian help to stop
Iran’s nuclear program.

“Of particular significance were talks on the Iranian nuclear effort and
its implications for the region,” the Israeli statement said. “Current
regional developments were also discussed.”

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