Hundreds killed as fighting escalates in South Sudan

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CAIRO — Heavy fighting has again broken out along the border of the
newly-divided Sudan.

Officials said the Sudanese Army killed at least 300 rebel forces in the
South Kordofan state. They said the fighting took place on Oct. 31 and
included forces from the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army which targeted
the city of Teludi.

“More than 700 rebel fighters together with 12 officers tried to attack
Teludi to occupy it,” Sudanese Army spokesman Col. Sawarmi Khaled Saad said.
South Kordofan Gov. Ahmed Haroun said several hundred fighters from SPLM
were killed. South Kordofan is located along the border between Sudan and
the new country of South Sudan, controlled by SPLM.

Saad, the Sudanese military spokesman, said SPLM fighters arrived in
Teludi, east of the provincial capital of Kadugli, in vehicles from three directions. The
spokesman said Sudanese Army forces repelled the attackers within an hour.

South Sudan has been wracked by violence blamed on the Khartoum regime.
Western diplomats said the regime of Sudanese President Omar Bashir was
believed to have been financing rebel factions of SPLM in an effort to
undermine the new state, which seceded in July.

“Nevertheless, the level of violence between southern and northern
forces as well as their proxies is highly likely to escalate in the
contentious areas of southern Kordofan and Darfour in the coming days,”
Damla Aras, a member of the United Nations-African Union Force in Sudan, said.

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