Gaza Strip one week away from ‘massive blackouts’ as Hamas looks for backers

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GAZA CITY — Hamas has warned that the Gaza Strip was running out of fuel.

Gaza's sole power plant in Nusairat.  /Mohammed Abed/AFP/GettyImages
Power facility at Nusairat in Gaza’s sole power plant. /Mohammed Abed/AFP/GettyImages

Hamas said diesel fuel supplied by Qatar would be exhausted in mid-March.

Officials said the Gulf Cooperation Council emirate has not committed to additional natural gas shipments to the Gaza Strip.

“Without fuel, there will be a resumption of massive blackouts,” an official said.

Officials said the Qatar diesel would run out around March 14. In 2013, Qatar donated $10 million for fuel sent from Egypt to operate two electricity generators in the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas regime has urged the Palestinian Authority to donate fuel. Officials said Hamas, which withheld salaries to civil servants, could not pay for the diesel.

“We asked the Ramallah government to provide Gaza’s power plant with
tax-free fuel because the money we collect in electricity bills isn’t enough
to buy fuel to run two generators,” Gaza Power Authority deputy chairman
Fathi Khalil said.

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