Fatah leaders call for resignation of Palestinian Authority’s Abbas

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RAMALLAH — Leading members of the ruling Fatah movement have urged Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to resign.

Palestinian sources said Abbas was confronted by several top Fatah members who said the PA chairman was being seen as a tool of Israel and the United States.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.  /AP
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. /AP

The sources said the critics were angered over Abbas’ order for the PA to cooperate with Israel in the investigation of the abduction and killing of three Jewish teenagers on June 12.

“There’s been criticism before [of Abbas], but never so direct and
harsh,” a source said.

In late June, Abbas met members of the Fatah Central Committee in wake
of the chairman’s condemnation of the abduction. The sources said several
committee members demanded that Abbas stop supporting Israel and
instead protest military operations in the West Bank.

On July 3, the Palestinian news agency, Shfa, said the Fatah critics shouted at the PA chairman that he was endangering their movement. Shfa quoted one of the unidentified committee members as demanding that Abbas resign.

“Because of your failed policies we have become traitors in the eyes of
the people,” Shfa quoted the member as telling Abbas. “You have to rectify
your path, otherwise resign and let us put the cause back on its right

The sources identified leading critics of Abbas as former PA security
chief Jibril Rajoub, ex-intelligence chief Tawfiq Tirawi and PA Deputy
Prisoner Affairs Minister Ziyad Abu Al Ein. They said the three sought to
distance themselves from Abbas and the PA.

“Kidnapping is the only language understood by Israel, thus it is the
only way to free our prisoners that Israel refused to release,” Rajoub, long
considered close to Israel, said.

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