Report: Egypt, France, India supplied arms to Syria

Report: Egypt, France, India supplied arms to Syria

Special to LONDON — Egypt, a leading Arab ally of the United States, has been identified as a military supplier of Syria, a report said. Amnesty International said Egypt was one of more than a dozen military suppliers to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. In a report, Amnesty said Egypt’s defense industry […]

Egypt claims it stopped Israeli invasion of Gaza Strip

Special to RAMALLAH — Egypt has reported success in its effort to stop Israel’s plan to invade the Gaza Strip. Egypt’s ambassador to the Palestinian Authority said the military regime in Cairo blocked a major Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip earlier this month. Egyptian ambassador Yasser Othman said his government warned Israel not […]

Hamas said to be getting weapons from Libya with ‘virtually no restrictions’

Hamas said to be getting weapons from Libya with ‘virtually no restrictions’

Special to LONDON — Libya has in effect become the main arms supplier of Hamas. Western intelligence sources said the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip has received a huge amount of missiles, rockets and other weapons from Libya since June. They said the weapons taken from the military warehouses of the former regime […]

Texas firm discovers crude oil in 11 of 13 tries in Egypt Western Desert

Special to CAIRO — A Western contractor has expanded its search for energy in Egypt’s Faghur basin. A leading U.S. contractor has reported the development of a crude oil reserve in the Western Desert. Apache Corp., based in Houston, Texas, said its Tayim South 1-X well flowed at a rate of 8,196 barrels of […]

Egypt re-opens frequently-sabotaged pipeline at double the rates

Special to CAIRO — Egypt has reported the resumption of natural gas to neighboring Israel and Jordan. A senior official said Egypt renewed operations of the Arab Gas Pipeline on Oct. 23 in wake of an attack on the facility in the Sinai Peninsula. The official said the gas was now priced at double […]

Israel to release Egyptian prisoners in swap with U.S. student charged as spy

Special to JERUSALEM — Israel has agreed to release Egyptian nationals as part of a deal for the freeing of an American man charged with espionage. Officials said the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed in principle to release 25 Egyptian inmates. They said Cairo would free an American-Israeli law student, Ilan […]

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