Analyst: Warning by former DIA Director Mike Flynn exposed Obama’s intel chiefs

By WorldTribune Staff, April 5, 2019

The Deep State fears Mike Flynn, an analyst noted, because as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2012 Flynn blew the whistle on how the CIA’s missteps in Syria helped lead to the formation of the Islamic State (ISIS) caliphate.

President Donald Trump “should pardon Gen. Flynn right now and summon him back to Washington,” David P. Goldman wrote for PJ Media on April 3. “Trump should reappoint him to a top job, and really terrify his opponents.”

Mike Flynn ‘humiliated the bungling CIA and exposed the incompetence and deception of the Obama administration.’

Goldman noted that, in 2012, Flynn’s DIA issued a report warning that CIA backing for Sunni rebels fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad would lead to the rise of a new caliphate movement, namely ISIS.

“The Obama administration threw its support behind the ‘Arab Spring’ rebellion in Syria, ignoring the fact that Islamist terrorists led the opposition to Assad,” Goldman wrote.

This was reported exhaustively in specialist media, for example, Brad Hoff’s July 2016 essay in Foreign Policy Journal which noted that “Flynn humiliated the bungling CIA and exposed the incompetence and deception of the Obama administration, and got fired for it.”

The CIA “channeled Saudi money into Al Qaida fronts in Syria and helped move a large part of the late Col. Muammar Gadhafi’s massive arsenal to Syria. The jihadists backed by the CIA eventually formed a good deal of ISIS,” Goldman noted.

Flynn “was the only head of a major U.S. intelligence agency who knew just how badly the CIA had bungled, who had done what to whom, and where the bodies were buried,” Goldman wrote. “He was the broom with which Trump proposed to clean house. I am convinced that the Deep State put the finger on Flynn and tried to frame Trump, in the belief that the best defense is a good offense.”

Special counsel Robert Mueller “forced Flynn to plead guilty to an invented charge of lying to FBI agents, even though the FBI agents who interviewed him about Russian contacts said that they thought he was telling the truth,” Goldman wrote. “Now that the Mueller investigation has come up with nothing, the frame-up of Gen. Flynn appears all the more heinous. The Deep State feared Mike Flynn, with good reason.”

Goldman concluded: “It’s time to seize the offensive from the Deep State and hold it accountable for its incompetence and its abuses of power, and that means a pardon for Mike Flynn.”

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