Analysis: The Biden Left is imploding as world watches

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 5, 2024 Contract With Our Readers

For decades, the Left has presented itself to the public as a united front using its legacy media allies to focus coverage instead on sharp divisions among conservatives and Republicans.

Following the epic first presidential debate of 2024 on June 27, in which former President Donald Trump savaged a shell-shocked Joe Biden, everything changed. What was already clear to much of the world was finally acknowledged by the dominant U.S. political-media establishment.

“You are witnessing the primal scream of a dying regime,” Human Events editor Jack Posobiec said of the events unfolding at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Having been backed into a corner by leftist politicians and media, the Biden clan is bunkered in and scheming on how to remain in power at the White House.

“They’ve already airlifted Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden is now working directly with Jill. They’re the ones calling the shots. Joe Biden, he’s out. He’s completely out to pasture. They’ve isolated him from everyone. The aides are completely in the wind. The media has completely turned on them. You’re witnessing a soft coup taking place in real-time,” Posobiec said Wednesday’s episode of Human Events Daily.

Obama Administration insider Van Jones explained that despite the brave front that has been mounted by the White House, an intense flurry of events is taking place behind the scenes about replacing Biden.

“I understand people want to, you know, defend him and protect him and give him the space and the dignity to make his own choice,” Jones said of Biden in an interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto Wednesday.

“But there is a big conversation happening right now about how this happens – not whether.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social:

I have the answer to the Crooked Joe Biden Incompetence Puzzle — Let’s do another Debate, but this time, no holds barred – An all on discussion, with just the two of us on stage, talking about the future of our Country. The ratings were massive for the First Debate, record setting, in fact, but this one, because of the format, would blow everything away! Let Joe explain why he wants Open Borders, with millions of people, and many violent criminals from parts unknown, pouring into our once great Nation, or why he wants Men Playing in Women’s Sports, or demand ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES within five years, or why he allowed INFLATION TO RUN RAMPANT, destroying the people of our Country, and so much more. It would also, under great pressure, prove his “competence,” or lack thereof. Likewise it would be yet another test for me. What a great evening it would be, just the two of us, one on one, in a good, old fashioned Debate, the way they used to be. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE!!!

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