Analysis: Not one college or pro athlete has died ‘from’ the Covid virus

by WorldTribune Staff, January 4, 2024

Research into more than one million college and professional athletes aged 18 to 38 shows that zero have died as a result of the Covid virus, an analysis said.

In a Jan. 4 analysis, Bill Rice Jr. noted that he attempted “to find a conclusive/definitive case of one college or pro athlete who died ‘from’ Covid. … I’ve still not found ONE definitive case of a ‘Covid death’ among college or pro athletes in the world … and this is now four years into Covid.”

“This tells us something about the ‘lethality’ of Covid for young adults,” Rice wrote.

In the U.S. alone, 3,000 colleges sponsor organized sports with young people participating in NCAA Division III, Division II, Division I-AA, Division I, plus the NAIA and all the junior colleges.

“This would include male and female student-athletes in probably 20 sanctioned sports,” Rice wrote.

“My guess is that there must be tens of thousands of older athletes who play in the myriad pro sports from bowling to cricket to auto racing to golf and tennis, to track … to football, basketball, baseball and soccer — minor leagues to the highest levels,” Rice added. “Many of these college and professional athletes were forced to receive PCR tests three or four times a week to be able to play their sport … so sports commissioners and athletic directors were flushing millions of dollars down the toilet trying to monitor and identify Covid ‘cases.’ ”

Rice noted that he had found two or three news stories about high school athletes who (allegedly) died from Covid, but he was skeptical that the athletes had died “from” the virus.

“But even if they did, if we expand our cohort to include high school athletes this, per my estimates, gives us an extra five million (or more) athletes who played organized sports during Covid times,” Rice wrote. “The number of high school athletes — male and female for all sports including JV — is a massively-large number.”

Rice continued: “To summarize, in the entire world, we might have had a handful of ‘Covid deaths’ among athletes from high school through the pros. The simple mortality rate and the Case Fatality Rate or Infection Fatality Rate from Covid is literally 0.000 percent. (One has to go out to four or five decimal points to pick up any deaths).”

What gets his “blood boiling,” Rice added, is that “everyone in sports and public health must know this …. and the ‘leaders’ and officials who administer these athletic programs have obviously known this for years. Still, we had this powerful narrative that Covid is a mortality risk to ‘everyone.’ ”

Rice noted that he did find one 2,500-word story from The New York Times that said one Division II football player from a Pennsylvania college died from Covid.

The headline: “College Football’s Worst Fear in the Pandemic: The Death of a Player”.

Reading the story, however, it is learned that the school had cancelled football and all sports in April 2020. The player allegedly died “from” Covid in August 2020.

The football team hadn’t met as a team for at least four months or done any weight-lifting sessions, held any team meetings or participated in one practice.

“And the article never mentioned the apparent fact no other athlete had died from Covid in America … which would have been the case (fact/truth) when this article was published in September 2020 … just as it is in January 2024,” Rice noted.

Rice concluded:

Any real journalist interested in performing simple and relevant research (“newsgathering”) would report the eye-opening and salient fact that (perhaps) no athlete in the world has died from Covid and that the mortality risk from Covid for healthy people ages 1 to 38 is virtually nil.

Statistically, it would seem that at least one mainstream newspaper or mainstream journalist would perform such journalism, but I’ve yet to find one example of this.

Which reinforces my conviction that the mainstream press is 100-percent captured. These journalists must all know their most-important job is to promote government propaganda.

Plenty of independent authors have noted that “real science” is now dead, but so is real journalism … at least at the most prestigious “news” organizations.

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