Analysis: Japan sick and tired of being dictated to by Rahm Emanuel and woke D.C . leftists

by WorldTribune Staff, May 18, 2023

Leftists in the Biden administration, via Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, have been ramming American wokeness down the throats of Japan’s citizens since January 2021.

Team Biden and Emanuel put enormous pressure on Japan to pass an LGBTQ rights bill before the G7 summit, which Tokyo will host from May 19 to 21.

U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel, right.

The Washington Post and New York Times, which critics say have become nothing more than state media under the Biden regime, scolded Japan for not having LGBTQ rights legislation in place before the G7.

On Tuesday, Japan’s ruling coalition finally caved under the pressure and approved a bill designed to promote understanding for LGBTQ people. Passage during the current Diet session, however, is uncertain.

On May 12, Emmanuel posted a video to social media where he and diplomats from the European Union, Ireland, Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Germany, and Iceland “dance dutifully and sing along in unison to the American ambassador’s very gay tune. LGBT is great, the message runs. Japan needs to get on board with the rest of the world,” Jason Morgan noted in a May 17 analysis for The American Conservative.

“When my closest friends give me the same advice,” Emanuel drives his point home, “I pay attention. Fifteen foreign missions in #Tokyo have each lent their singular voice to a common message: we support universal human rights for all, we support #LGBTQI+ communities, and we oppose discrimination.”

Morgan, a researcher and associate professor at Reitaku University in Japan said “audience members came up to me after a speech he gave recently in Tokyo:

They were hopping mad at Rahm Emanuel, the man whom Washington sent a little over a year ago to do its business in Japan. And what does that business entail? If Emanuel’s April tweets are any indication, it entails interfering in internal Japanese political matters.

Emanuel “has outed himself as a typical Washington proconsul,” Morgan noted. “It is painfully obvious that he had no clue what was coming when he attempted to force Japan to do what his bosses in Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon want from their client state. With his insulting string of orders over a piece of LGBT legislation the civilizational context of which he clearly doesn’t comprehend, it may be that the American liberals have, at long last, pushed the long-suffering people of postwar Japan too far.”

In his late April speech in Tokyo, Morgan referred to the American Embassy down the street as the “sotokufu,” the “governor-general” of Japan. “The audience broke into thundering applause. I said that it was time to throw the governor-general out. The applause got louder. Whether Rahm Emanuel realizes it or not, Washington’s days as Tokyo’s master are numbered. No matter how much the Japanese establishment wants to go on being Washington’s pawn, more and more of the Japanese are done with the American empire and want out.”

Japan only seems to run into social problems when “Americans and other woke Westerners bring in their ‘enlightened’ ideas,” Morgan added.

On a May 2 Fox & Friends segment about the fallout from the Emanuel debacle, journalist Ganaha Masako explained to the American audience that some of the public baths in Japan were having trouble. Foreign gays and lesbians, it seems, spurred on by the LGBT craze, have been going into the baths to “make out.” The bath proprietors are putting up signs in English and Chinese begging people to behave.

“But the grossness continues,” Morgan wrote. “I have been to public baths many times. Nobody makes out. There are love hotels for that. Social decorum still means something here. No one is saying you can’t have sex. No one has ever said that in Japan. Despite the population decline, this place remains as sexualized as ever. You just have to know the time and the place for things. It is called civilization. I wish a certain Skokie Puritan pushing social devastation on an already tolerant and vibrant Japan would, as Ganaha wrote in an April 27 tweet, ‘fix Chicago before ruining my country.’ ”

Masamune Wada, a conservative Diet lawmaker and member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), “seems to have figured it out,” Morgan wrote.

Wada put it in no uncertain terms when he wrote on May 12: “If Ambassador Emanuel wants to use his position as U.S. Ambassador to Japan in any way to influence Japan, we will take immediate action to send him home.”

“The mask is off. The reality of Washington’s rule in Japan is exposed,” Morgan noted.

In an interview earlier this month with Gen. Michael Flynn, Morgan asked a man who has also, like the people of Japan, felt the brunt of the Deep State’s displeasure to comment on the Emanuel-LGBT affair.

“You’re asking a question as though Americans really believe this stuff,” Flynn said. “The answer is that this is intentional. This is not because Rahm Emanuel wants to have a rainbow flag. It’s because this is an intentional direction that the United States of America is going, because that’s what communists do. The rise of communism and Marxism in the United States is very real, and everybody needs to get used to it. It should not be acceptable.”

Morgan agreed and noted: “Americans ought to know that, in Japan, what isn’t acceptable isn’t being accepted any longer. We here have seen behind the curtain and now know that it’s not Tokyo running this country, but Washington. And not even Washington, but the cabal of anti-social civilization-wreckers masquerading as the American government and diplomat corps.”

In a cringe-worthy puff piece on the “Rahm-bassador”, The Washington Post on May 12 lauded Emanuel as “unusually hands-on,” adding that “Japan has embraced Emanuel.”

Morgan noted that the Post, “mentions nothing of the political push to get him out of the American Embassy occupying a huge spread of primo real estate in the Akasaka neighborhood.”

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