Analysis: Foreign policy establishment regards Trump snubs as impeachable offense

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 6, 2019

When President Donald Trump decided to conduct his own foreign policy without involving State Department or National Security Council deep staters, it was seen as a crime by these bureaucrats — and an impeachable one at that.

The House Intelligence Committee, run by anti-Trump Rep. Adam Schiff, has said it will selectively release transcripts from some of the behind-closed-doors testimony that’s occurred thus far.

Rush Limbaugh: The foreign policy establishment is trying to impeach President Donald Trump ‘simply ’cause he’s not using the foreign policy establishment.’ / Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

“There’s nothing in these transcripts, and, if you read them carefully — which most people are not gonna do — they’re gonna read Schiff’s summary more than anything,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said.

“But what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna find out that the only thing wrong here… You’re gonna see a word that is used commonly by all the people that testified who are anti-Trump. You’re gonna see the word ‘interagency,’ and it will be used in such fashion as this: ‘The interagency group was highly alarmed at the way this was done and at the way it took place outside the interagency group.’ ”

That would be the NSC, CIA, DIA and the NSA, “all these abbreviations,” Limbaugh said. “And he’s president. Like they’re trying to say Rudy Giuliani was dispatched as a rogue ambassador for Trump. He’s not rogue. Donald Trump can have anybody he wants go out and do foreign policy. In fact, Donald Trump’s doing exactly what you elected him to do. He’s avoiding the swamp. The swamp is filled with saboteurs, as this is demonstrating.”

The president, Limbaugh said, “is literally being impeached because he is not using the swamp. There hasn’t been a crime committed here, folks. There isn’t a single crime, there is no evidence for any crime. It is a grand illusion. There isn’t a crime. There was no Trump-Russia collusion. Kavanaugh didn’t commit a crime. There was no obstruction. There hasn’t been anything of the sort. There is not an impeachable offense.”

The foreign policy establishment is trying to impeach Trump “simply ’cause he’s not using the foreign policy establishment,” Limbaugh said.

“And that really is all that it comes down to. And because he’s not, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Because he’s not using the experts, he is putting at risk the United States and national security. ‘Cause Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, Donald Trump is an idiot, Donald Trump’s a fool, Donald Trump’s an ogre and is dangerous. He’s not using experts like us and we’re very, very concerned.”

Limbaugh continued: “And that’s all it is. It’s a bunch of arrogant snobs. It’s a bunch of effete snobs ticked off that they have not been kept in the loop. And they’re trying to say the United States is in grave danger, at great risk because these snobs have been eliminated from the foreign policy process. What Trump asked the Ukraine president to do is zilch, zero, nada in terms of impeachable offenses. The only transcript that matters is the transcript of the phone call. None of these transcripts that they’re releasing from Pencil Neck’s committee matter.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Mark Meadows, North Carolina Republican, tweeted on Tuesday that despite what many media headlines are reporting with regards to Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony, he did not confirm there was a case of quid pro quo between Trump and Ukraine.

“Seeing many overblown (and outright false) reports about Ambassador Sondland’s testimony. Here’s what he actually said. 1. I did not (and still don’t) know why aid was held up 2. I ‘PRESUMED’ it was because of corruption 3. I told Yermak my assumption,” said Meadows, who sits on the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Sondland also told lawmakers when he talked with Trump about Ukraine, Trump told him, “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.” noted that Sondland’s text to former Ambassador Bill Taylor “is another indicator that he understood Trump’s intentions.”

Sondland wrote to Taylor: “I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The president has been crystal clear no quid pro quo’s of any kind.”

“Both transcripts released today show there is even less evidence for this illegitimate impeachment sham than previously thought,” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement. “Ambassador Sondland squarely states that he ‘did not know, (and still does not know) when, why or by whom the aid was suspended.’… By contrast, Volker’s testimony confirms there could not have been a quid pro quo because the Ukrainians did not know about the military aid hold at the time. No amount of salacious media-biased headlines, which are clearly designed to influence the narrative, change the fact that the President has done nothing wrong.”

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