Alabama Sec. of State says he has proof Team Biden is registering illegals to vote

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News June 16, 2024

In 2020, it was mass mail-in ballots using the Covid pandemic as a convenient excuse.

In 2024, will millions of ballots from non-citizens be pouring into election offices in the dead of night?

Revolver News noted: “Is this the next Dem scheme we won’t catch until Biden once again falsely claims victory? We can see it now; days later, it’ll become clear: millions of illegal votes will have swept Biden into office as a silent ‘thank you’ for a free ride over to the U.S. And when the proof spills out, the regime media will repeat their 2020 performance — calling us liars and Q-kooks, ignoring the evidence, and demonizing anyone who dares to question the sacred and perfect 2024 election.”

What’s to stop this scenario from playing out?

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen said he has proof the Biden administration is providing voter registration forms to non-citizens.

“We have received complaints from concerned Alabama voters who received voter registration forms in the mail addressed to a deceased relative,” Allen said. “Those voter registration mailings are not coming from my office but are, instead, coming from state agencies at the direction of the federal government due to an overly broad interpretation of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). These practices are appalling and the federal law must be changed.”

Team Biden policies mandate that anyone who comes into contact with certain state agencies be provided with voter registration information. This policy mandates that non-citizens receive information regarding registering to vote in Alabama and registration forms required to register to vote. The purpose of the federal NVRA as it was originally passed was never to provide voter registration forms to non-citizens or to deceased Americans.

“In addition to testifying before the United States Senate committee regarding my office’s efforts to ensure that illegal immigrants and non-citizens are not voting in our elections, my office has made several attempts, both in writing and verbally, to gain clarification from the White House regarding the Biden Administration’s efforts to expand the NVRA through the implementation of Presidential Executive Order 14019.” Allen explained. “It is obvious to me that this EO is an attempt to federalize an expansion of voter registration policies originally established by the NVRA. I have requested access to public records and information related to those plans and their implementation within our state. Those requests have been ignored.”

Allen continued, “The Biden Administration is knowingly and purposefully enacting policies that result in supplying non-citizens with a mechanism to register to vote in our state and all 49 other states. To say I am deeply concerned is an understatement. Only American citizens should be allowed to participate in our elections. Biden’s attempt to take advantage of the crisis he created at the border by tying the hands of agencies such as Medicaid and forcing them to enact his scheme is disgraceful. Election integrity is a top priority of this office and nobody, not even President Biden, is going to get me to back down from that.”

Revolver News noted: ”

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