After restaurant closes for good, manager says ‘our national hysteria is worse’ than the virus

by WorldTribune Staff, September 29, 2020

Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland has been in manager Mike Fratantuono’s family for four generations.

The popular dining establishment opened in 1960. Due to coronavirus lockdown orders, Sunset Restaurant’s owners said they will close for good at the end of September.

Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Interviewed by The Washington Post for its “Voices from the Pandemic” series, Fratantuono said:

“I know this virus is real, okay? It’s real and it’s awful. I’m not disputing any of that. But our national hysteria is worse. We allowed the virus to take over our economy, our small businesses, our schools, our social lives, our whole quality of life. We surrendered, and now everything is infected.”

Blaze TV host Glenn Beck said it is his hope that those who imposed the draconian lockdown orders are ultimately held responsible for what he called the biggest theft of the Western world.

“This is the biggest theft of, not only money, but of heritage and of hope,” Beck said. “The United States government and many of the states are responsible for this, not you. And hopefully someday soon, we’ll return to some semblance of sanity, and those responsible for this theft, this rape of the Western world, will be held responsible.”

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Columnist: Leftists continue to spread coronavirus lies

American leftists in politics, academia, and the media “must regularly lie,” to keep covid fear and panic alive, a columnist noted.

“This is especially the case as the lockdowns drag on and as the actual evidence contradicts what those who have a vested interest in keeping the Wuhan virus fear level high and the lockdowns in place are telling us,” Trevor Thomas wrote for American Thinker on Sept. 27.

“Probably the most repeated lie in this evil episode is the near-endless reporting on Wuhan virus ‘case counts.’ As has been noted multiple times, these reports are filled with numerous deceptions,” Thomas noted. “The drive-by media in my home state of Georgia again provide a clear example.”

Thomas cited a recent article by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) headlined “Georgia tops 300,000 cases; decline in new cases flattens”.

The first two sentences of the article report that “Georgia has surpassed 300,000 confirmed coronavirus infections amid hints that a decline in new cases may be leveling out. With totals reported Thursday, Georgia is close to 301,000 COVID-19 cases.”

Thomas pointed out that the AJC article “downplays the more important facts that hospitalizations and deaths in Georgia have long been on the decline with the supposed scary revelation that ‘the seven-day rolling average of new cases has drifted up for several days, and Georgia remains the state with the 12th most new cases per capita in the past 14 days, according to data kept by The Associated Press.’ ”

Again, Thomas added, “without proper context, ‘300,000 confirmed coronavirus infections’ — or any number of confirmed coronavirus infections — is a near meaningless number. It’s akin to saying 300,000 confirmed dollars have infected my bank account. Anyone wanting the correct context of my personal finances would ask, ‘Okay, over what period of time?’ And ‘How much is currently in your bank account?’ ”

The vast majority of those 300,000 cases in Georgia “saw the person infected require no hospitalization and completely recover, or, more often than not, have no symptoms whatsoever,” Thomas noted. “The latter is especially true if the infected was a child. What’s more, if it was a young person who tested positive, he was likely not to be contagious. In other words, as multiple studies have shown, children are in little to no danger from the Wuhan virus, and, if they get the Wuhan virus, they present little to no danger to those with whom they come in contact. The drive-by media almost always ignore these facts.”

In the meantime, Thomas noted, “all across America, those hoping to help sleepy, slow Joe over the November finish line — and others who are simply foolishly misguided — are constantly using case counts to keep some version of a lockdown in place.”

Thomas continued: “Whenever there is a tragic case of a child who has died and tested positive for the Wuhan virus, it is almost always the case that the child died with the virus and not from the virus. Nevertheless, as has been documented multiple times already, when a child has died and tested positive for the Wuhan virus, the media have often grossly, selfishly, and deceptively used these terrible tragedies to push their lockdown agenda.

“In Michigan recently, no less than the Chief Medical Executive — Joneigh Khaldun — fraudulently announced that she was ‘so saddened to hear this week of a 2-month-old baby in Michigan who died because of COVID-19′ (emphasis mine). However, the two-month-old actually died of a birth defect called gastroschisis, ‘a condition in which a baby is born with intestines located outside the body.’

“Such ugly fraud has been perpetuated numerous times across the U.S. by the media, politicians, school administrators, business executives, and medical personnel alike. Enough is enough! These Wuhan virus lies are disrupting and destroying lives and livelihoods. It’s long past time to end the lies and open the country!”

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