Clear and present doomsday threat from Moscow puts U.S. on notice

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By Geostrategy-Direct

The Kremlin plans to deploy what may be the deadliest nuclear weapon ever aboard submarines by 2020, Russian state media reported, citing a Russian defense industry source.

Belgorod (Project 09852): The torpedo ‘goes beyond traditional ideas of nuclear war fighting and poses a direct threat to the future of humanity or life on Earth.’

“Nuclear-tipped ending-all-life torpedoes launched from the deep are now the most pressing clear and present danger facing America,” Ed Timperlake, former Pentagon technology security official, said on March 14.

Russia is said to have built a new 100-megaton underwater nuclear doomsday device, and it has threatened the U.S. with it.

The device will reportedly be deployed aboard the Project 09852 sub Belgorod, which is a converted nuclear-powered cruise-missile sub expected to go on combat duty in 2020.

The Russian state news agency TASS said the new Belgorod subs could carry six of the nuclear torpedoes, which are sometimes described as drones.

In addition to six torpedoes that experts say could wipe out almost all life on earth, analysts said the Belgorod could carry a smaller sub that could dive deeper to cut undersea cables and dramatically disrupt international communications and national economies.

The weapon is said to use a warhead, perhaps the strongest ever, designed to come into direct contact with water, marine animals, and the ocean floor, kicking up a radioactive tsunami that could spread deadly radiation over hundreds of thousands of miles of land and sea, and render them uninhabitable for decades.

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