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Friday, October 21, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Gadhafi's final hours: From an 80-vehicle convoy to a sewer, concluding in a firefight

CAIRO — Libyan Col. Moammar Gadhafi, for more than 40 years regarded as the symbol of the Arab revolution, has been killed by his people.


Gadhafi is said to have died in a battle with rebels in his hometown of Sirte in the culmination of the eight-month revolt in the North African state. Witnesses said Gadhafi, who ruled Libya since 1969, was beaten and shot, and later his body was dragged through the streets.

"We have been waiting for this moment for a long time," Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said on Oct. 20. "Moammar Gadhafi has been killed."

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The National Transition Council, in a report confirmed by the United States, said Gadhafi, 69, was found and killed in Sirte, the last stronghold of the ousted ruler. Officials said Gadhafi was trying to escape Sirte in a convoy when it came under attack by interim government forces.

Earlier, NTC said Gadhafi, dressed in a military uniform, had been shot in both legs and evacuated by ambulance. Officials said Gadhafi's 80-vehicle convoy was struck by a Predator unmanned aerial vehicle sent by the United States.

Jibril said a forensic test showed that Gadhafi was killed by a bullet to his head. The interim prime minister said Gadhafi was found hiding in a sewer, brought to a car and later struck in crossfire.

"The forensic doctor could not tell if it [the bullet] came from the revolutionaries or from Gadhafi's forces," Jibril said.

In September, Gadhafi and his forces were driven out of Tripoli and fled to Sirte and Bani Walid. After several rounds of fierce fighting, both towns fell to NTC over the last week. On Oct. 21, NATO was scheduled to convene to decide on whether to end the air campaign over Libya.

Gadhafi, who left behind an unprotected arsenal of chemical weapons agents and 20,000 missiles, rejected numerous offers by the rebels and NATO to flee Libya. Saying he would rather die than face exile, Gadhafi was said to have taken charge of about 1,000 fighters as his sons either escaped or were captured.

NTC said at least one son of Gadhafi was killed and another was injured and captured. Mutassim Gadhafi, responsible for the security services, was reported dead and Seif Al Islam was reported to have been injured and taken to a hospital.

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