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Thursday, October 20, 2011     GET REAL

Another top economic planner disappears
from public view in North Korea

By Lee Jong-Heon, special from

North Korea’s chief economic planner Hong Sok-Hyong has been dismissed from the post, in what could be the latest in a string of purges of chief economic officials, South Korean officials said.


Hong Sok-Hyong, front row and fourth from left, is seen with other members of the Korean Workers Party secretariat at a funeral ceremony.     
Hong, 75, was named as chief of the planning and finance department of the Workers’ Party in July 2010, replacing Pak Nam-Gi who was executed in public early last year for the disastrous currency reform.

Hong emerged as the country’s top economic policymaker in September last year when he was given a Party Politburo membership and named as the Party secretary in charge of economy at the biggest Party conference in decades.

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He was widely expected to serve as a key economic aide to the country’s leader Kim Jong-Il’s son and heir-apparent Kim Jong-Un because the Party conference was used for the son’s political debut.

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