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Monday, March 31, 2008    Free Headline Alerts

Jihadist posts anthrax-making instructions

In a chilling sign that Islamist terrorists continue seeking weapons of mass destruction, a jihadist website recently posted instructions on making deadly anthrax for biological weapons.

The website disclosed the illustrated instructions March 17 and included additional links, and promised to provide information on a delivery system in the future, a Cessna airplane.

“The wait has been long, but the time has arrived, God willing. It is the glad tidings of being able to use biological weapons against the enemies of God. So, allow me to present to you a simple recipe for making anthrax, God willing,” the web site stated.

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“Anthrax is an effective and lethal weapon,” the report said. “It is cheap and easy to make. One kilogram of anthrax may be produced in a small test tube with a spore sample that is kept in a special incubator for just 96 hours.”

“Sprinkling 50 kilograms of powder containing anthrax spores along a distance of 2 kilometers will form a lethal cloud that could travel with the wind a distance of more than 20 kilometers, reaching people inside their homes — even with sealed doors and windows.”

To produce a kilo of spores costs about $50 and a lethal doze is no more than one-millionth of gram, or no bigger than a speck of dust.

The posting includes the text of one of the anthrax letters sent to U.S. officials in 2001.

The instructions include using Petri dishes to multiply samples of anthrax, and then adding powder that will allow it to float in the air.

The writer appears to be Saudi as he mentions the cost of several items in Saudi riyals. “I would be happy if you used biological weapons against the enemies of God,” the poster stated.

As for delivery systems, the report said he would post instructions on how to make a Cessna 182 aircraft from parts obtained separately.

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