U.S.-Philippines patrol confronts China expansion

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Trump’s China policy: Will business as usual really protect U.S. interests?

GOP front-runner Donald Trump.  /Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com Donald Trump correctly asserted that President Barack Obama’s weakness has emboldened China, but the GOP front-runner has also hinted he will continue 1980s-era business-oriented approaches toward Beijing that have not worked, national security journalist Bill Gertz wrote. […]

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Clinton’s ‘off the reservation’ remark triggers anger for Native Americans, disbelief in others

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.  /AP

Special to WorldTribune.com Hillary Clinton has extended the peace pipe and apologized for offending Native Americans. The Democratic presidential front-runner, in remarks about GOP front-runner Donald Trump on April 29, said that she’s used to dealing with men who “get […]

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Trumpphobia: If the GOP’s establishment is terrified, so is the world’s

"What is this Trump phenomenon," world leaders are asking.  /Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com While Donald Trump has the Republican establishment running scared, world leaders are said to be in full-blown panic mode. “However much people recoiled from George W. Bush or have been disappointed by Obama, they see Trump as […]

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Presidential primary circus does New York


Special to WorldTribune.com By John J. Metzler NEW YORK CITY — The seemingly never ending presidential primary circus came through New York with the predictable partisan name calling and puerile political promises. For much of the campaign the political charges […]

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Paglia on the ‘Hillary cult’: Devotees worship their queen, ignore reality

Don't goiter there: Only the Drudge Report has had the guts to report on Hillary Clinton's coughing fits, Camille Paglia writes.

Special to WorldTribune.com In an April 21 commentary penned for Salon, Camille Paglia wondered why Hillary Clinton voters overlook the Democratic candidate’s “money lust, shadowy surrogates, sociopathic policy shifts, horrific overseas record.” “What is it with the Hillary cult? “As […]

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Obama adviser: Hillary Clinton’s plan for no-fly zone in Syria won’t work

Hillary Clinton still believes a no-fly zone over Syria is a good idea.  /Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com Hillary Clinton’s idea for a no-fly zone in Syria “would not solve the ISIL problem,” a White House official said. The no-fly zone proposed by Democratic presidential front-runner and former secretary of state would be ineffective and […]

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Hillary’s e-mails: What is obvious, but not openly discussed


Special to WorldTribune.com By Sol W. Sanders Not a lot that is being said by the talking heads makes sense in the case of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. First of all, everything would tell us that any domestic or foreign political […]

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Multiple Clinton connections revealed in Panama Papers

Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com Several people who funneled millions of dollars into the campaign war chests of Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are named in the Panama Papers. The revelations come as Hillary Clinton in a recent speech […]

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‘The decision was the president’s: Hillary Clinton blames Obama for Libya, Syria

Hillary Clinton (L) listens to Senator Bernie Sanders speak during a Democratic debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York April 14.  /Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Special to WorldTribune.com Although she heavily pressed a reluctant President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton said the president is ultimately at fault for the Libya fiasco. The former secretary of state and current Democratic candidate for president also threw Obama under […]

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The Trump theat: Patriotic nationalist terrifies a corrupt globalist establishment

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign stop Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in Appleton, Wis. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Special to WorldTribune.com Jeffrey T. Kuhner The Boston Globe just hit a new low. Its recent fake front page allegedly demonstrating the violence, riots and chaos a Donald Trump presidency would unleash is more than gutter journalism. It is pure […]

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