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Obama seeks to preempt Congress on Iran


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Former CIA director warns U.S. knows too little about Iran’s nuclear program

Former CIA director Michael Hayden.

Special to WASHINGTON — Congress, on the eve of the Nov. 24 deadline, has been warned against an inadequate Western nuclear agreement with Iran. A House panel was told that the U.S. intelligence community continues to lack data on […]

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Congress giving extra scrutiny to new Iraq military requests

ISIL fighters on top of a captured military vehicle with anti-aircraft guns in Raqqa, Syria. / Raqqa Media Center / AP

Special to WASHINGTON — Congress, skeptical of the military’s ability, has been closely examining Iraqi’s request for combat platforms. Congressional sources said the House and Senate were Iraq’s requests for main battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles. They said […]

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It’s come to this: Time to impeach ‘Emperor Obama’


Special to By Grace Vuoto President Barack Obama is in open defiance of the U.S. Constitution. This week, in an address to the nation, he announced he is granting relief from deportation to approximately 4 to 5 million illegal […]

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Legacy watch: Israel should beware a wounded Obama


Special to By Norman A. Bailey The lamed U.S. president might well seek to repair his reputation abroad — at Israel’s expense. The potential consequences of the Republican sweep of the 2014 midterm elections should be neither over-stated nor […]

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Strategic impact of mid-term elections: GOP still silent on new U.S. policy


Special to By Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs. Voters in the United States of America could not have spoken more clearly than they did on Nov. 4, when, in the mid-term Congressional and gubernatorial elections, they […]

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America’s political ‘takeaway’: A Congress that has abdicated its responsibility for the U.S.


Special to By Donald Kirk, The U.S. exercise in democracy is a drama that’s turning from success story to farce, and may wind up in tragedy. That’s the “takeaway” — a word that’s come into vogue for wrapping […]

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President Obama seen curtailing support for Israel after midterm elections

Goldberg wrote that 'relations between Israel and the United States were moving toward a "full-blown crisis.' / Atlantic

Special to WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama was said to be preparing to end diplomatic support for Israel by 2015, according to a leading U.S. journalist. The journalist, who enjoys close ties to the White House, said the United […]

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Poll of legal Gulf Arab residents negative to U.S., backs peace with Israel


Special to WASHINGTON — A poll has reported that most Gulf Arab nationals support peace with Israel and oppose the United States. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy commissioned a poll in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United […]

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From one in the know: Snowden is a traitor and likely ‘agent of Vladimir Putin’


Special to Brett M Decker, Radix Charlie Speight is a retired executive from the National Security Agency, which he joined in 1975. During his time at the NSA, he was a National Intelligence Officer, analyst, watch officer, operational staff […]

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Israel mum on renewed rocket fire, allows daughter of Hamas leader to be treated in Tel Aviv

Ismail Haniyeh speaking during Friday prayers on Sept. 5. / Reuters

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has been concealing renewed mortar and rocket fire by Hamas and its militia allies in the Gaza Strip. An Israel Army officer asserted that the military brass refused to acknowledge Hamas and […]

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