Israel Air Force readies ‘mass strike machine’ after Iran deal

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Lack of outrage noted as Western rancher shot down by Feds

Lavoy Finicum.

Special to I.M. Justice, Asheville Tribune Whatever the purpose of the protest, which I can guarantee you does not come out of empty paranoia but from very real and experienced knowledge of how vulnerable we are to federal power, […]

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Who is Donald Trump? Scott Brown and the RINO temptation

Donald Trump and Scott Brown, right.

Special to Jeffrey T. Kuhner Donald Trump has just made the first big mistake of his campaign. Looking to maintain his huge lead in New Hampshire, he has warmly accepted the endorsement of former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. It […]

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Cultural glitches: Why does the Iranian community (and also the U.S. academy) demonize national self interest?

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi in the 1950s.

Special to By Sheda Vasseghi The recent death of the late Shah’s twin sister Princess Ashraf Pahlavi (1919-2016) has caused an odd part of the Iranian psyche to resurface once again. Under articles about the princess or the late […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 1: Boston’s radical Islam problem and the media elites that dare not speak its name


Jeffrey T. Kuhner June 4: The Greater Boston area has become a safe haven for Islamic terrorists. Muslim extremism has taken root in fertile soil, spreading through an elaborate network of radicalized mosques and Islamic cultural centers. The result is […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 4 – The elites’ problem with Donald Trump: He’s not for sale

Armed and dangerous

Jeffrey T. Kuhner July 1: The media establishment is having a cardiac arrest. The reason? Donald Trump has thrown his hat into the Republican presidential race. The billionaire businessman is a straight shooter, known for his bluntness and tough talk. […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 5: What Giuliani said squares with what Obama has done


Special to By Grace Vuoto Feb. 22: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has sparked a media firestorm for stating the obvious: President Barack Hussein Obama does not love America. “I do not believe — and I know this […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 8 – Obama welcomes an Islamist Trojan horse: Consider who is selecting our refugees

Portuguese Antonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, informs during a news conference on the over one million Syrian refugee children, Friday, Aug. 23, 2013, at the European headquarters of the United Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. The grim milestone announced by U.N. officials means as many Syrian children have been uprooted from their homes or families as the number of children who live in Wales, or in Boston and Los Angeles combined, said Guterres. (AP Photo/Keystone, Salvatore Di Nolfi)

Jeffrey T. Kuhner Nov. 24, 2015:  “President Obama is a threat to our country,” Donald Trump told me in a recent interview. He’s right. Mr. Obama now poses a clear and present danger to America. His stubborn insistence on resettling […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 13: Justice in Boston exposes an outraged Left for all the world to see


Jeffrey T. Kuhner May 17, 2015: Justice was served. On Friday, a jury sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death. After diligently and meticulously examining the evidence, all 12 jurors came to the same conclusion: The Muslim terrorist deserves […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 16: Sheriff Joe deputizes armed Americans for war on terror: ‘I’m concerned about what’s going on’


Special to Sheriff Joe Arpaio is calling on Arizona’s 250,000 concealed weapons permit holders to fight terrorism in the homeland. On Dec. 1, one day before 14 died in a San Bernadino, California massacre involving 28-year-old Syed Farook, the […]

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2015 GREATEST HITS, NO. 21 – New leader of Free World gives the speech an American president should have made


Special to By Grace Vuoto Israel will fight Iran alone, if it must. That is the striking message Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered to a joint session of Congress, garnering thunderous applause and numerous standing ovations. The historic […]

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