Clue to execution of Kim’s uncle revealed in China

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Foreign fighters join ISIL at ‘unprecedented’ rate


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N. Korea preparing miniaturized nuclear warheads for October military parade

Workers' Party Politburo meeting

Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — North Korea has adopted a resolution authorizing the showcasing of miniaturized nuclear warheads at a military parade in October, military sources and analysts here said. “The North has [signaled] that it […]

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Surge in jet fuel shipments to N. Korea, leads to spike in exercises


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — China sharply increased jet fuel supplies to North Korea late last year, after sharply reducing shipments for the past two years. Sources here said the surge in supplies has led to […]

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Official: Anti-Kim Jong-Un sentiment growing among N. Korea’s ruling elite


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — The young North Korean leader’s “reign of terror” and continued purges of ranking officials have given rise to “anti-Kim Jong-Un sentiment” among North Korea’s ruling elite members, a South Korean government […]

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As Korean crisis looms, a Kissingeresque ‘Peace-is-at-hand’ fix is the wrong answer

Le Duc Tho and Henry Kissinger.

Special to By Donald Kirk, Comparisons between the Korean and Vietnam wars have always been misleading if not ridiculous, never more so than when Henry Kissinger, in a new documentary, “Last Days in Vietnam,” says that he and […]

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Disturbing Freedom House report: As USA weakens, repression expands


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — There’s been a disturbing decline in global freedoms over the past year with a clear erosion of political rights for the ninth consecutive year. These are among the dire findings […]

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Moscow’s charge for repairing North Korea’s electical power grid? Rare Earths


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — Russia plans to divert resources blocked by sanctions to North Korea to upgrade its sub-standard electrical power infrastructure. In exchange it will reap a strategic bonus. As traditionally strong North Korea-China […]

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Journalism nightmare: How to confirm a defector’s story about surviving the kingdom of lies

No western reporter has ever been inside a North Korean prison camp.

Special to By Donald Kirk, Defectors from North Korea all have harrowing tales of suffering that are difficult to imagine in real life. Their stories differ widely depending on the circumstances — some have spent time in prisons, […]

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North Korean millennials are seen by Kim as threat


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il increasingly sees the younger generation as a threat, sources and defectors here said. The Kim dynasty’s power is based on the state-sponsored personality cult and insulation […]

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North Korea’s dictatorship more rattled by human rights campaign than sanctions


Special to By Lee Jong-Heon, SEOUL — North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is much more fearful of a U.S.-led human right offensive than financial sanctions, analysts here say. “Kim’s concern was reflected by his New Year’s message that emphasized […]

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Report: Syria builds new nuke site near Lebanon with help from Iran, N. Korea

Before and after photos of nuclear facility in the northern province of Dir Al Zour in 2007. / Digital Globe

Special to LONDON — Syria was said to have renewed efforts to produce nuclear weapons and maintains a secret facility near Lebanon. The German weekly Der Spiegel reported that President Bashar Assad has rebuilt Syria’s nuclear weapons infrastructure with […]

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