China’s top spy catcher wasn’t purged after all

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Foreign fighters join ISIL at ‘unprecedented’ rate


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Is the world really better off after U.S. retreated from superpower responsibilities? Take a look


Special to By Norman Bailey The world is coming to resemble the 1930′s more and more. From Argentina to Yemen to Ukraine to Syria and Lebanon, entropy, the natural tendency of everything to disintegrate if there is no force […]

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Jordan reduced air operations against ISIL after pilot’s capture


Special to LONDON — Jordan, under heavy domestic pressure, has sharply reduced air operations against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Diplomatic sources said the Hashemite kingdom has ordered a virtual suspension of air operations in the U.S.-led war […]

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In Yemen, Shi’ite rebels hold former president, cabinet hostage

U.S. Embassy Yemen

Special to CAIRO — Iranian-backed Shi’ite rebels continue to hold Yemen’s president and Cabinet hostage. Yemeni sources said Ansar Allah has placed the former government of President Abbed Rabbo Mansour Hadi under house arrest, Middle East Newsline reported. Ansar, […]

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Focus of Feinstein’s Intelligence Committee uproar shifts from CIA to Democratic Senate staffers

Sen. Dianne Feinstein,  former chairman of the Senate Intelligence.Committee.

Special to By Fred Fleitz, for National Review Online Many in Congress and the news media were surprised by a recent CIA Accountability Board report that cleared CIA personnel of wrongdoing in last year’s spying-on-Congress scandal, a finding that […]

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U.S. negotiates its continuing military presence with pro-Iran rebels in Yemen

U.S. Embassy Yemen

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has acknowledged consultations with Iranian-backed Shi’ite rebels who seized power from the pro-U.S. government in Yemen. Officials said the administration of President Barack Obama has contacted Ansar Allah, the Shi’ite movement that […]

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Iran confirms: We ‘are directly supporting’ group that toppled pro-U.S. Yemen government

Shi'ite Houthi supporters demonstrators against the government in Sanaa, Yemen on Sept. 9, 2014. / Mohammed Huwais / AFP

Special to NICOSIA — Iran has taken credit for the training and arming of Shi’ite rebels in Yemen. A senior military official said the Teheran regime has provided assistance to Ansar Allah, the Shi’ite rebel movement that toppled the […]

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U.S. closes embassy in Yemen, suspends military aid

U.S. Embassy Yemen

Special to CAIRO — The U.S. embassy in Yemen has closed. Less than a week after the Iranian-backed Shi’ite coup, the U.S. embassy in Sanaa said it would suspend services. The embassy also indicated that most of its staffers […]

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U.S. deploys 2 warships to ‘monitor’ Yemen, evacuate Americans

A military vehicle seized from the presidential guards by Shi'ite fighters outside the presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen. / Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has been preparing to evacuate its diplomats and troops from Yemen. Officials said the Defense Department has ordered the deployment of ships to rescue an estimated 1,000 U.S. personnel from Yemen. They […]

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Yemen’s pro-U.S. government falls to Iran-backed rebels

A military vehicle seized from the presidential guards by Shi'ite fighters outside the presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen. / Reuters

Special to CAIRO — Shi’ite rebels appear to have completed their seizure of the the government in Yemen. Yemeni sources said Ansar Allah captured the palace of President Abbed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. They said the Shi’ite rebels, also called […]

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Shameful: 70 years after Liberation of Paris rally, U.S. president was absent


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — More than a million people along with forty-four world leaders rallied in Paris to proclaim liberty and call for press freedoms in the wake of the radical Islamist media massacre […]

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