China cheers exit of Pentagon’s think tank chief

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New deal for U.S.-Iran ties seen forcing Israel to act


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Greece lurches left, but warming ties with Israel may not be affected

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Special to By Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs The election in Greece on Jan. 25, of a radical-left Syriza (an acronym for the Coalition of the Radical Left: Synaspismós Rizospastikís Aristerás) government in Greece will have […]

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Europol assesses continental threat from 5,000 returning jihad fighters

Europol director Rob Wainwright: "It is certainly the most serious terrorist threat Europe has faced since 9/11."

Special to LONDON — The European Union has determined that 5,000 nationals have been transformed into jihad fighters linked to Al Qaida and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The EU police force, Eupol, assessed that as many as […]

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Qatar changes PR tactics, but not its strategy

Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, with President Obama at the White House.

Special to GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, Doha and Cairo. There was speculation in late 2014 that Qatar had begun to take a new strategic line, mending relations with Egypt, and that this could also push Turkey toward improving its […]

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Turkey finds new anti-riot supplier in S. Korea as demonstrations increase

The Erdogan government is cracking down on all protest perceived as disloyal including this one by soccer fans protesting a new e-ticket system.

Special to LONDON — Turkey, amid a crackdown on the opposition, has found a new supplier for anti-riot equipment. Amnesty International reported that the Islamist government in Ankara has begun ordering anti-riot equipment from South Korea. Amnesty said the […]

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U.S. Congress blocks Obama-approved donation of warships To Turkey

Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigates.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has blocked the transfer of surplus warships to Turkey. Congress has approved legislation for the transfer of surplus U.S. Navy frigates to Mexico and Taiwan. House and Senate members succeeded in suspending […]

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Turkey’s Islamist government upgrades Gendarmerie, now free of military’s control

Turkey's Gendarmerie and riot police fire water cannon and tear gas during clash with hundreds of protesters near Istanbul. / Ozan Kose / AFP / Getty Images

Special to ANKARA — Turkey has decided to modernize its Gendarmerie, no longer under military control. The Defense Ministry has approved a project to upgrade the capabilities of the Gendarmerie, the largest security force in Turkey where the Islamist […]

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#8 — Sources: Syrian jihad coming to Egypt with help from Turkey, Qatar and Obama


TOP 2014 STORIES Special to, April 14. Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs The struggle for Egypt is on the verge of a major escalation as the key sponsors of the jihadist cause […]

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#12 — Turkey reports Russian missile systems radar-locked on its F-16s near Syria


TOP 2014 STORIES Special to ANKARA, April 8  — Turkey has determined that the Syrian military was deploying a range of Russian-origin air defense systems along its border. The Turkish military said the Syrian military was using at least […]

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Alleged Turkish spy ring arrested in Germany amid increasing bilateral tensions

Frankfurt International Airport.

Special to LONDON — Germany has disclosed the dismantling of a Turkish espionage ring amid increasing tensions between the two nations. Germany has accused Turkey of tolerating the presence of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Officials said three […]

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Number of young Jews in Turkey choosing to live abroad doubled last year

Neve Shalom synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey.

Special to ANKARA — Turkey’s ancient Jewish community has begun to flee amid rising threats from Islamists and nationalists. A prominent Jewish executive reported that the community of some 12,000 was being eroded by fears of attacks. Mois Gabay […]

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