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Obama is reversing Reagan’s Cold War victory, inviting new hot wars

Speaking at Berlin's Brandenberg Gate in October 1987, President Ronald Reagan called for Soviet leader Gorbachev to "tear down this wall."

Jeffrey T. Kuhner President Obama is on the verge of an historic triumph. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the American Left has been bitter about America’s victory in the Cold War. For decades, they preached moral equivalence between the United States and the Soviet Union. In their view, America was to blame for [...]

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Introspection: UK probes wisdom of offering safe haven to Muslim Brotherhood

UK Prime Minister David Cameron.  /AFP/Carl Court

Special to LONDON — Britain has launched an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood. Officials said the government of Prime Minister David Cameron has sought to determine whether the Brotherhood, with headquarters in Egypt, was contributing to Muslim extremism in Britain. They said the investigation would also include links between Islamists in Britain and Brotherhood [...]

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Al Qaida’s Iraq branch has presence in several Turkish cities


Special to ANKARA — A leading Al Qaida militia has established an operational presence in Turkey.   Officials said Al Qaida’s Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has maintained a presence in several Turkish cities. They said ISIL appeared to be most concentrated in the Syrian refugee camps in southeastern Turkey as well as [...]

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Why some insiders think missing plane landed in Pakistan

MalaysianAirlinesFlight370 As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 drags on without a trace of wreckage at sea, the likelihood of foul play looms larger. One country keeps rising to the top of the list of suspects: Pakistan. Ten days after the flight vanished, LIGNET learned that engineers at Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, believed the [...]

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Iran proxy showcases Gaza Strip multiple-launch rocket system

Islamic Jihad-posted photo of newly-acquired rocket system.

Special to GAZA CITY — Iran’s leading Palestinian proxy has acquired a multiple-launch rocket system. The Iranian-sponsored Islamic Jihad unveiled what it termed an indigenous MLRS deployed in the Gaza Strip. Jihad said the platform was employed against Israel in the rocket war against Israel in mid-March. “We are ready for your invasion,” a [...]

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Interpol: Foreign fighters flowing into Iraq ‘from across the globe’ to join Al Qaida revolt

Interpol secretary-general Ronald Noble.  /Reuters

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq has been attracting foreign fighters for the Sunni revolt. Officials said Western and other nationals were flowing into Iraq to join the Al Qaida-led Sunni revolt in Iraq. The officials cited recruitment by Al Qaida’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has seized large areas of Iraq’s [...]

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Report: Obama lifts U.S. ban on immigrants with links to terror groups


Special to WASHINGTON — The Muslim Brotherhood has succeeded in revising a U.S. law that prevented the entry of foreigners with links to groups on the State Department terror list, a report said. The Center for Security Policy asserted that the administration of President Barack Obama eliminated measures to prevent entry to immigrants with [...]

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Al Qaida attacks Sinai gas pipeline for fourth time this year

A Bedouin man looks at a gas pipeline that was hit by a RPG in North Sinai. /Reuters

Special to CAIRO — Al Qaida has intensified attacks on Egypt’s natural gas pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula. So far, Al Qaida-aligned militias have blown up the Arab Gas Pipeline four times in 2014. The latest operation was on Feb. 25 when a portion of the pipeline, which supplies neighboring Jordan, was bombed south [...]

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Israeli intel: Suicide car bombs by Al Qaida proving effective against Hizbullah

A Lebanese army soldier walks through the site of a car bombing in the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. (Photo credit: AP/Hussein Malla

Read more: Lebanon arrests al-Qaeda commander, defuses bomb | The Times of Israel

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s intelligence community has determined that Al Qaida was enhancing suicide strikes throughout the Levant. The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center asserted that Al Qaida was using suicide bombings as the main method of attack in such countries as Lebanon and Syria. The center, the open-source arm of Israel’s [...]

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U.S. intel: Egypt failing to stop Al Qaida’s use of Sinai to stage regional attacks

Defense Intelligence Agency director Michael
Flynn.  /AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. intelligence community has determined that Egypt failed to stabilize the Sinai Peninsula and that Al Qaida is using the area for regional attacks. The intelligence community assessed that Islamist militias continued to operate throughout Sinai despite reinforcements of Egypt’s military and security forces. Officials said Al Qaida-aligned militias [...]

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