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Syrian attacks on rebels near Golan Heights puts Israel on alert


Special to NICOSIA — The Syrian military has launched air and artillery strikes on rebel strongholds in the Golan Heights, shared with Israel. The Syrian assault has sparked an alert in Israel. The Israel Air Force is said to have intensified operations to block any intrusion by Syrian aircraft. Opposition sources said the military [...]

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UN: Syria has removed 80 percent of chemical weapons arsenal

Sigrid Kaag.  /Xinhua

Special to LONDON — Syria was said to have removed most of its chemical weapons arsenal. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has determined that the regime of President Bashar Assad destroyed or removed up to 80 percent of Syria’s CW arsenal. Officials said the regime accelerated the removal process in cooperation [...]

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Major branch splits with Al Qaida, saying Zawahiri ‘deviated from the correct path’

ISIL fighters in the Syrian town of Tel Abyad.

Special to NICOSIA — The leading Islamist insurgency network in the Levant has broken from Al Qaida. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), with an operational presence in at least three Levant countries, said Al Qaida no longer represented Sunni interests. “Al Qaida today is no longer a base of holy war,” [...]

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Al Qaida bloodbath in Syria terminates Nusara Front commander, wife, daughter, brother and two assassins

Abu Mohammed Al Ansari

Special to NICOSIA — A leading rebel commander has been killed in the Al Qaida war in Syria. Abu Mohammed Al Ansari was killed in the northern Syrian province of Idlib on April 16 in the latest attack by the rival Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Al Ansari, a commander for Al [...]

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Kurdistan completes border trench to stop Al Qaida infiltration from Syria

3-meter-wide trench is to stretch along 17 kilometers of the Iraq-Syria border.  /AFP/Safin Hamed

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq’s autonomous region of Kurdistan has sought to seal its border with Syria. The Kurdistan Regional Government has completed a barrier meant to block infiltration of Al Qaida from Syria. The barrier spans 17 kilometers and consists of a huge trench that blocks foreigners. “This is part of Iraqi government [...]

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Jordan air strike at Syrian border said to hit convoy of U.S.-trained rebels

This aerial photo shows a truck burning after a Jordanian air strike on a convoy at the border between Jordan and Syria on Wednesday, April 16.  /AP

Special to AMMAN — For the first time, Jordan has launched air strikes on neighboring Syria. The Jordanian military said fighter-jets attacked armored vehicles in southern Syria as they sought to cross the border into the Hashemite kingdom. A military statement said the camouflaged vehicles, identified as Land Rovers, were destroyed. Later, diplomatic sources [...]

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Chechens played key role in Syria, honed skills before returning home

Omar al Chechen and fighters from the Muhajireen Brigade in Syria.

Special to WASHINGTON — Chechen fighters have been playing a major role in Syria. Opposition sources and Western analysts agreed that Saudi Arabia has facilitated the recruitment of more than 1,000 Islamist fighters from Russia’s autonomous Chechnya. They said the Chechens significantly bolstered their presence in the Sunni revolt in Syria since Riyad [...]

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Sources: Syrian jihad coming to Egypt with help from Turkey, Qatar and Obama

A fighter celebrates after firing a missile toward a building where Syrian troops were hiding. /

Special to Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs The struggle for Egypt is on the verge of a major escalation as the key sponsors of the jihadist cause in Syria are now committed to a similar campaign against Egypt. The overall strategic objective is to prevent the emergence [...]

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Syria hell: Fear and famine stalk a war-ravaged land

Hell: Food lines in February in Damascus await assistance by the UN’s Relief and Works Agency.   Daily Telegraph

UNITED NATIONS — Syria’s harrowing civil war has taken a new turn as the beleaguered Mid East country now faces a deepening drought and food crisis in the midst of an expanding conflict. UN relief agencies warn that the drought may cut food production thus adding to the country’s woes. With over nine million Syrian [...]

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Death toll nears 3,000 in battle between rival Al Qaida militias

Foreign-backed militants in Syria

Special to NICOSIA — The war between Al Qaida militias has resulted in heavy casualties in Syria. Opposition sources said nearly 3,000 people have been killed in the war between Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and rival Islamist militias. They said ISIL was focusing its attacks on the rival Al Qaida-aligned Nusra [...]

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