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U.S. sanctions oil companies in four nations for sales to Syria

Special to WASHINGTON — The United State has imposed fresh sanctions on energy companies that supply the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Treasury Department imposed sanctions on six oil companies in four countries deemed suppliers to the […]

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UN’s 1,300 observers at loose ends after fleeing to Israel from Syria’s Golan Heights

UN observers on patrol in 2012 at the Golan Heights.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United Nations monitoring force is struggling to operate after fleeing Syria’s Golan Heights. A UN report said its monitoring force has been hampered by the loss of its bases in Syria as well as […]

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Jordan reinforces troops along 378-km border with Syria

Jordanian soldier at the northern border with Syria.

Special to AMMAN — Jordan, concerned over Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, has reinforced its northern border with Syria. Jordan was said to have been alarmed by reports that ISIL was operating in southern Syria near the border […]

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On a roll: Jordan on alert as ISIL opens new front in southern Syria

Earlier fighting in southern Syria as seen from the Golan Heights in Israel. / AP

Special to NICOSIA — Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, fighting on at least two fronts, has opened a third — this time in southern Syria. ISIL has been seen recruiting and mobilizing units in the Dera province. Opposition […]

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No season of peace and joy for a record-breaking 57 million war victims


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Set to the backdrop of regional wars and simmering ethnic conflicts, the UN relief agencies made an unprecedented appeal for wider funding to address the current chaos in a score […]

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Morocco and its F-16s join U.S. anti-ISIL coalition

Morocco F-16s.

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has persuaded Morocco to join the coalition against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Officials said the North African kingdom has agreed to join the U.S.-led coalition air strikes against ISIL positions […]

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U.S. downsizes rebel forces in Syria after their defeat by Al Qaida’s Nusra

U.S.-backed rebels in Syria got their pink slips for Christmas.

Special to NICOSIA — The United States has suspended funding to most Sunni rebel militias in Syria who had complained that funding and arms they received was sporadic and inadequate. Opposition sources said the State Department halted salaries to […]

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UN report cites contacts between Israel, Nusra Front in Golan Heights

Israeli soldiers with a wounded Syrian near the border with Syria in the Golan Heights. / Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON — The United Nations has determined that Israel maintains relations with Al Qaida’s Nusra Front for the Defense of Levant. A report by UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon asserted that Israel was meeting with Nusra in the […]

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Israeli strikes killed Hizbullah troops at airport arms depot near Damascus

Smoke rises near Damascus. / ABD Doumany / AFP

Special to NICOSIA — Hizbullah lost an unspecified number of troops in a series of Israeli air strikes in Syria. The Syrian opposition said Israel Air Force strikes around Damascus killed several Hizbullah soldiers on Dec. 7. The opposition […]

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Syria reports Israeli air strikes on two airports near Damascus

Boston Globe

Special to NICOSIA — Syria has reported Israeli air strikes against military facilities and airports around Damascus. The Syrian military said the Israel Air Force targeted two locations outside Damascus. The military said the Israeli air strikes took place […]

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