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Saudi weapons deal with Lebanon seeks to restrict platforms from dominant Hizbullah

Lebanon's President Michel Sleiman, left, and Saudi's Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud. / AFP

Special to LONDON — Saudi Arabia has decided to launch a $3 billion military aid program to Lebanon. Saudi sources said the Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom would sign an agreement to procure up to $3 billion in weapons and […]

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ISIL overruns U.S.-backed rebels, fights Hizbullah in N. Lebanon


Special to NICOSIA — Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has been engaged in its biggest campaign in Lebanon. Lebanese sources said ISIL deployed 500 fighters in its campaign to seize northern Lebanon. They said ISIL deployed mortars, rocket-propelled […]

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Military warns Israel: Iron dome won’t help against Hizbullah

A missile is launched from the Iron Dome defense system in Ashdodl, Israel in response to a rocket launched from Gaza Strip on Nov. 18, 2012. / Jack Guez / AFP / Getty Images

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has warned that Iron Dome would be ineffective in any war against Hizbullah. Officials said the Israel Air Force would be unable to stop massive missile and rocket salvos by the Iranian-sponsored […]

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N.Y. Times confirms: There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

Staff Sgt. James F. Burns in Baghdad in 2004, a week before discovering a Sarin shell. "They put a gag order on all of us." / Mohammed Uraibi / AP

Special to The New York Times reported on Oct. 14 that U.S. troops in Iraq had between 2004 and 2011 repeatedly encountered Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Meanwhile, voters back home and the world at large had been repeatedly […]

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Israel fires on Hizbullah positions in Lebanon after bomb injures IDF soldiers

An Israeli tank patrols the Shebaa area near the Lebanon border.  /Reuters

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel and Hizbullah have come to blows along the Lebanese border. On Oct. 7, two Israel Army soldiers were injured in a bomb planted in the Shebaa Plateau. The military blamed Hizbullah as well […]

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Israel: Hizbullah raising profile, using Lebanese soldiers to test Israeli defenses

Lebanese soldiers near the Israel border fence.

Special to TEL AVIV — Hizbullah has been using the Lebanese Army to threaten Israel. Military sources said Hizbullah was sending Lebanese soldiers to the Israeli border in an effort to stage a provocation. The sources said Hizbullah was […]

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Lebanon to hold talks with Iran on weapons against ISIL

Lebanese Defense Minister

Special to NICOSIA — Iran and Lebanon have been discussing a weapons deal. Officials said a high-level Lebanese delegation was expected to arrive in Teheran to discuss Iranian military aid. They said Teheran has already submitted a list of […]

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Saudi-financed deal would supply advanced Russian weapons systems to Lebanon

Russia has offered to send MiG-29s and other platforms to Lebanon.

Special to MOSCOW — Lebanon and Russia have been examining a weapons deal involving the export of combat platforms to Beirut. They said any deal by Lebanon would be financed by Saudi Arabia. [Related: U.S. delivers vans and pickups […]

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Lebanon Army captures hundreds of suspected ISIL fighters in Bekaa Valley refugee camp

Lebanese troops near the Syrian border on Aug. 28. / AFP

Special to NICOSIA — The Lebanese Army has battled Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in what resulted in scores of casualties and injuries in the Bekaa Valley. Officials said at least 40 Islamic fighters and Lebanese soldiers were […]

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U.S. delivers vans and pickups to only Lebanese force not controlled by Hizbullah

Lebanese Internal Security Forces stand guard in front of vehicles donated from the United States.

Special to from NICOSIA — The United States has delivered another shipment for Lebanon’s security forces. The United States oversaw the delivery of 38 vehicles for Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces. The vehicles, valued at $1.6 million, were meant to […]

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