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Israeli military plans to shield Christian Arab recruits from Muslim pressure

An Israeli recruit on his first day of military service gets a vaccine injection (photo credit: Moshe Shai/Flash90)

Read more: In Arab Israel, a battle over Christian conscription | The Times of Israel

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel’s military  has been authorized to launch the recruitment of thousands of Christian Arabs. Until now, Christians volunteered for the military in a move that exposed them to a backlash by their Muslim neighbors. “Under these new arrangements, they will no longer have to submit their own enlistment request [...]

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Syrian attacks on rebels near Golan Heights puts Israel on alert


Special to NICOSIA — The Syrian military has launched air and artillery strikes on rebel strongholds in the Golan Heights, shared with Israel. The Syrian assault has sparked an alert in Israel. The Israel Air Force is said to have intensified operations to block any intrusion by Syrian aircraft. Opposition sources said the military [...]

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Analyst warns Chinese incursion could ‘drain’ critical Israeli tech

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Chinese President Xi Jinping arrive for a welcome ceremony at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on April 8.  /Reuters/Jason Lee

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has undergone a debate over whether to allow major Chinese penetration in the business sector of the Jewish state. Chinese companies, which began their effort in 2010, have sought controlling shares of major Israeli producers, most of them non-defense firms. One Chinese company, Bright Food, has been [...]

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New radiation belt said to optimize survival in nuclear catastrophe

StemRad 360 Gamma

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has overseen the development of a belt that protects against nuclear radiation. The Israeli company Stemrad has developed a belt designed to block harmful gamma radiation. The product, called “StemRad 360 Gamma,” was meant to protect the pelvic area, which contains most of the body’s renewable bone marrow. [...]

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Israel shocked by ‘unacceptable’ U.S. concessions on Iran’s nuclear program

Israeli Strategic Minister Yuval Steinitz

Special to JERUSALEM — Israel has expressed alarm over the prospect of U.S. nuclear concessions to Iran. Officials said the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was dismayed by indications that Washington would enable Iran to continue its nuclear program, including those elements that could be used for weapons. The officials cited testimony to [...]

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Israel circumvents Obama administration, develops own upgrade of AH-64 Apache

Israeli AH-64A Apache

Special to WASHINGTON — Israel, blocked by the United States, has developed an indigenous upgrade of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. A leading industry newsletter said Israel’s military oversaw the modernization of the Apache, produced by the U.S. firm Boeing. Defense Industry Daily asserted that Israel installed electronic warfare, advanced avionics and self-protection systems [...]

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Israel set to launch production of wing assemblies for F-35

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has been preparing to produce the first components for the U.S.-origin Joint Strike Fighter. The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries is working on production lines for the wing assembly of the F-35 fighter-jet. The wing assembly was awarded by Lockheed Martin as part of Israel’s order of 19 fifth-generation [...]

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Sources: U.S. urges Israel to attack Syrian forces threatening CIA-trained rebels in Golan

A truck carries an Israeli Merkava tank making its way to the Israeli-Syrian border in the center of the Golan Heights.  /EPA

Special to LONDON — The United States is pressuring Israel to attack the Syrian military in the Golan Heights. Western diplomatic sources said the administration of President Barack Obama has urged Israel to stop a Syrian Army advance toward U.S.-trained rebels in the Golan Heights. The sources said the rebels, trained and sent from [...]

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Israel gets first C-130J Super Hercules

Israeli C-130J

Special to TEL AVIV — Israel has received its first U.S.-origin advanced air transport. The Israel Air Force welcomed the arrival of the C-130J at the Nevatim air base on April 9. This marked the first such aircraft out of an Israeli order of three Super Hercules, manufactured by Lockheed Martin. “We see the [...]

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Report urges U.S. to sell Israel ‘MOP’ bunker-busters, B-52s to destroy Iran sites

Massive Ordnance Penetrator

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has been urged to sell bunker-busters and aircraft to Israel. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs has called on the administration of President Barack Obama to sell Israel weapons and platforms that could destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons infrastructure. In an article, the institute, deemed close to [...]

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