PLA general to North Korea: You are on your own

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Gulf states invited to join Iran in new Muslim coalition


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Jordan reinforces troops along 378-km border with Syria

Jordanian soldier at the northern border with Syria.

Special to AMMAN — Jordan, concerned over Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, has reinforced its northern border with Syria. Jordan was said to have been alarmed by reports that ISIL was operating in southern Syria near the border […]

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ISIL regains ground it lost in Iraq


Special to BAGHDAD — Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has reversed its losses in northern Iraq. Iraqi sources said ISIL recaptured areas lost in the Anbar province, the largest in the country. On Dec. 13, ISIL, which controls […]

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U.S. drops ‘unfair designation’ of Kurdish groups’ as terrorists

Brett McGurk

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has removed two Kurdish movements from the State Department list of terrorist organizations. In 2001, the State Department, under pressure from Turkey, placed a range of Kurdish groups on the terror list. […]

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No season of peace and joy for a record-breaking 57 million war victims


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Set to the backdrop of regional wars and simmering ethnic conflicts, the UN relief agencies made an unprecedented appeal for wider funding to address the current chaos in a score […]

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U.S. official with checkered past overseeing ISIL offensive, Iraq’s new military

Brett McGurk

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has persuaded Iraq to streamline its army. Washington has won agreement for Baghdad’s army, trained and equipped by the United States and other NATO allies, to shrink from its former strength of […]

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U.S. claims air strikes succeeded in reducing ISIL revenue: ‘Wild West days are over’


Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has claimed success in reducing oil revenue by Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. A senior official said the U.S.-led air strikes have blocked ISIL efforts to pump and export oil from […]

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Kurdistan using increased oil exports to fund war on ISIL


Special to BAGHDAD — Kurdistan, despite the war with Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, plans to increase crude oil exports. The Kurdistan Regional Government said it would bolster exports to Turkey and reach 400,000 barrels per day by […]

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Iraq confirms corruption in all four services, purges security agencies

Prime Minster Haider Al Abadi.

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq has launched a purge of its security forces. Officials said the government of  was targeting corruption in Iraq’s security forces. They said dozens of officers suspected of taking bribes were being dismissed. “This marks […]

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U.S. has not canceled passports of known Americans fighting for ISIL

Tom Warrick, deputy assistant Homeland Security secretary for counterterrorism policy watches testimony of Robert Bradtke before a House Foreign Affairs SubCommittee hearing on Dec. 2. / Pete Marovich / Getty Images

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States, in the midst of a military campaign, has not sought to stop suspected operatives from traveling to and from strongholds of Islamic State of Iraq and Levant strongholds. The administration of President […]

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Iraq, Kurds finally reach agreement on sharing of oil revenues

The Taq Taq oil field facility in Arbil, Kurdistan in Iraq on Aug. 16. / Reuters

Special to BAGHDAD — Iraq and the autonomous Kurdish government have reached an agreement to share energy revenues. The two sides, capping more than a year of tension, agreed to share crude oil reserves and revenues of the autonomous […]

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