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Wake up call: Where is Obama’s foreign policy revolution taking America?

A Hizbullah bomber killed 241 at a U.S. Marines barracks near Beirut on Oct. 23, 1983. / AP

Special to By Adam Turner Sometimes, the Obama Administration’s vaunted “smart diplomacy” can take your breath away. Take, for instance, the report that President Obama is considering sanctions on Israel for ongoing “settlement” construction in East Jerusalem. After initially […]

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Israeli NSC’s annual brief: Iran threat is enhanced with Al Qaida offshoots massed on borders

Susan Rice and Yossi Cohen, respectively the U.S. and Israeli national security advisers, at the White House on Oct. 30. / White House

Special to JERUSALEM — Israel’s Cabinet has been briefed on regional threats. On Dec. 7, the Cabinet attended an annual briefing by the National Security Council on regional threats. Council director Yossi Cohen cited Iran as a leading security […]

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U.S. district attorney indicts Iranians, Chinese national in deal to advance ‘frozen’ nuclear program

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States, in wake of failed negotiations, has disclosed that Iran procured American components for the production of weapons-grade uranium. Federal prosecutors have released details of Iran’s acquisition of pressure transducers from the United […]

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For first time, Iran media admit point of missile program was ‘to hit Israel’

Iranians honor the memory of Hassan Moghadam, with coffins and photos after his death in a military base blast. / Reuters

Special to NICOSIA — After officially insisting that its nearly 30-year-old ballistic missile program was not targeting any one country, Iran has acknowledged that it was aimed against Israel. The state-owned Iranian media have given unprecedented details of the […]

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U.S. ally against ISIL? Iran conducts air strikes on northern Iraq

Iranian F-4 Phantom jets.  / Atta Kenare / AFP / Getty Images

Special to WASHINGTON — The United States has acknowledged Iranian air strikes on Iraq and has deemed that the “net effect is positive”. Officials said Iran was flying air strike missions against suspected Islamic State of Iraq and Levant […]

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Iran: Not to be confused with Islam or the regime trying to hijack its cultural legacy

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh  receives the Golden Persian Lioness Award for his book 'Shadows in the Desert' from Michael Gayle of the U.S. Embassy in London on Oct. 31, 2008 in London.

Special to By Sheda Vasseghi In a 2008 article, historian Penelope Corfield claims “[t]he study of the past is essential for ‘rooting’ people in time. And why should that matter? The answer is that people who feel themselves to […]

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Iran transformed: IRGC commander proclaims Iran as global power

Brig. Gen Hussein Salami.

Special to NICOSIA — Iran, fresh from an extension of its nuclear agreement with the West, has begun touting itself as a global power. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp said Teheran has been tranformed from a regional into a […]

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U.S. wins an extension for Iran in its negotiations for a nuclear deal

Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, EU envoy Catherine Ashton and Secretary of State John Kerry in Vienna on Nov. 20. Leonard Foeger / Reuters

Special to WASHINGTON — Iran has been given another reprieve in the campaign to reach a nuclear agreement with the West. The P5+1 nations ( five permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely United States, Russia, China, United […]

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Israel intelligence: Iran funding North Korean nuclear program in exchange for expertise

Yuval Steinitz.

Special to JERUSALEM — Israel has linked the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea. The intelligence community was said to have determined that Iran acquired missile and nuclear technology and expertise from North Korea. Officials said Teheran finances […]

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Now in control of Yemen’s capital, Iran-backed rebels named to key security positions

Iran-backed Houthi Shi'ite rebels with military vehicles captured at an army base in Sanaa on Sept, 22. / Mohammed Huwais /AFP

Special to CAIRO — The Shi’ite rebel movement, which controls most of Sanaa, has been appointed to senior posts in Yemen’s military and security forces. Officials said President Abbed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has approved the inclusion of members of […]

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