China cheers exit of Pentagon’s think tank chief

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New deal for U.S.-Iran ties seen forcing Israel to act


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Sanctions stress spurs Putin trip to India seeking expanded deals


Special to By Miles Yu, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in New Delhi on Dec. 10 in hopes of securing big-ticket deals. Putin’s Russia is feeling severe economic pain caused by rising global energy sources, falling oil prices […]

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In Modi, Americans find a world leader to get enthusiastic about

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden in New York.  /AP

Special to By Miles Yu, He looks like a sophisticated man of the world, talks like a man in charge of the universe, and was received in the U.S. on his maiden state visit like something of a rock star. […]

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China versus Japan: The new Great Game in South Asia

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets Chinese President Xi Jinping in New Delhi on Sept. 18.  /PTI

Special to Following in the footsteps of Japan’s triumphant South Asia initiatives under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, China feels the pressure to compete for influence and goodwill in the region as well. This week, China’s Supreme Leader Xi […]

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Saudi expands India cooperation with refinery contract

Saudi Aramco's Abqaiq Plant in Shaybah.

Special to ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia has approved an energy contract with India. Saudi Aramco awarded a $54 million contract to India’s Essar Projects for the modernization of a refinery. The maiden contract, meant to focus on engineering, […]

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Indian navy gets morale boost from new carrier and new PM’s visit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in jet fighter aboard the INS Vikramaditya.

Special to By Miles Yu, India’s new Prime Minister made his first escape from the New Delhi government bureaucracy with a June 14 flight to the deck of India’s largest naval vessel, the INS Vikramaditya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided […]

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India’s new leader ‘Modi-fies’ relations with its South Asian neighbors

On his first full day as prime minister of India Narendra Modi, right, met with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif.

Special to By Miles Yu, On May 26, one historic moment was accompanied by another. Yes, India’s newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in as the new leader of the world’s largest democracy. But the most […]

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Peace ploys across bloody borders: Could Kim Jong-Un pull a Modi even if he wanted to?

India’s Narendra Modi, right, and Pakistan’s Nawaz Sharif.

Special to By Donald Kirk, NEW DELHI — The division between India-held and Pakistan-held Kashmir ranks with that between North and South Korea as long-running, bloody and dangerous. The two were divided at about the same time — […]

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A Great Game changer comes out on top in world’s largest democracy


Special to By Donald Kirk, NEW DELHI – The United States has to go through a skillfully choreographed diplomatic dance as a prelude to making up with India’s incoming prime minister, Narendra Modi. That’s because Washington refused for […]

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Electoral tsunami offers India’s masses a shot at the good life

Narendra Modi  /

UNITED NATIONS — An expected, if still extraordinary, political tsunami has swept across India as voters elected a nationalist and pro-business political party to lead this country of over a billion people. Riding a wave of voter anger with both […]

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Indian intel reports Pakistani plot against Israeli, U.S. consulates

ndian policemen stand guard next to a passenger train that was ripped by two blasts at the railway station in Chennai, India on May 1.  /AP/Arun Sankar

Special to LONDON — India has reported a Pakistan plot to attack foreign consulates in two Indian cities. Officials have disclosed plans by Pakistani intelligence to attack Israeli and U.S. consulates in India. They reported the arrest of a […]

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