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U.S. Treasury: Hizbullah using Lebanon firms to build military drones

U.S. Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen

Special to WorldTribune.com WASHINGTON — The United States has identified a Hizbullah project to develop unmanned aerial vehicles. The U.S. Treasury Department has asserted that Hizbullah was using Lebanese companies to develop the military of the Iranian-backed Shi’ite movement. Treasury […]

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New Shi’ite player in the Gaza Strip: Hizbullah backs commander once banned by Hamas


Special to WorldTribune.com GAZA CITY — The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah is said to have encouraged the launch of Al Sabirin, a pro-Shi’ite militia, in the Gaza Strip. The militia is said to come under the command of Hisham Salem, which declared […]

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Hizbullah commander on FBI’s most-wanted list killed by Syrian rebels

Fawzi Ayoub

Special to WorldTribune.com NICOSIA — A Hizbullah commander wanted by the United States has been killed in the Sunni revolt in Syria. Islamist sources said Fawzi Ayoub was killed in a battle with Sunni rebels on May 26. Ayoub was […]

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Israel’s Northern Command on alert against Hizbullah threat from Lebanon, Syria

Israeli soldiers patrol the Lebanon-Israel border as seen from the southern Lebanese village of Wazzani. /Reuters/Ali Hashisho

Special to WorldTribune.com TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has been ordered to keep Hizbullah away from the northern border of the Jewish state. Military sources said Israel Army’s Northern Command has been on alert for Hizbullah attacks along the border […]

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Report: Israel weighing involvement in southern Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, right, visit an injured Syrian rebel fighter.

Special to WorldTribune.com AMMAN — Israel has set new guidelines for confrontation with the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah in Lebanon, a report said. An influential Jordanian think tank asserted that Israel’s military was increasing involvement in the civil war in Syria while […]

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Israeli Navy reports Hizbullah has acquired and deployed Russian cruise missile

The P-800 Yakhont cruise missile

Special to WorldTribune.com TEL AVIV — Israel has determined that the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah acquired an advanced Russian cruise missile. Israel Navy officers said Hizbullah has received the P-800 coastal defense system sold by Russia to Syria. The officers said Hizbullah […]

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Lebanon bracing for Al Qaida suicide attacks like those in Iraq, Syria

Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan

Special to WorldTribune.com NICOSIA — Lebanon has been bracing for a suicide bombing campaign. Security sources said Lebanon’s military and police were on alert for daily suicide strikes similar to those in Iraq and Syria. They said the attacks would […]

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Israel reports Hizbullah storing thousands of rockets in middle floors of Lebanon apartment buildings

Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel

Special to WorldTribune.com TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has determined that Lebanon established thousands of weapons bases in Lebanon. Officials said Hizbullah has set up weapons caches in at least 200 communities in southern Lebanon. They said Hizbullah was storing […]

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Lockdown in Beirut: Hizbullah closes streets near HQ after Al Qaida bombings

Flames rise from burning cars at the site of a car bomb that targeted Beirut's southern suburb of Haret Hreik on Jan. 2.  /AFP/Getty Images

Special to WorldTribune.com NICOSIA — The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah has closed off parts of Lebanon’s capital in an effort to stop repeated suicide bombings linked to Al Qaida. Arab sources said Hizbullah has closed streets around its headquarters in the southern […]

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Israeli Northern Command on high alert for major strike from Lebanon

Israeli troops at the border with Lebanon.

Special to WorldTribune.com TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has been on alert for continued rocket attacks from Lebanon. Military sources said Northern Command has been placed on near-maximum readiness for a major strike from Lebanon. The sources said the military […]

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