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Welcome to Soviet America! (Was my 1975 1-act play prophetic?)

Life and Look magazines herald the 50th Anniver­sary of the USSR, 1967.

Lev Navrozov “Lev, this is Julie. Do you remember me?” The voice on the phone sounded familiar. She went on: “Almost forty years ago, I believe the year was 1975, I went to see your play ‘Welcome to Soviet America!’ at Carnegie Hall. It was a one-actor play, in which you played all the roles, [...]

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Performance review for employee Barack Obama: Time to dust off that resume, Mr. President


Lev Navrozov Last night, Oct. 28, as I was watching Fox News Sunday Full Coverage, an image of Obama delivering a message flashed on the screen for a mere second. The image was gone as soon as it came on, but it was enough for me to catch it: “I run not on what I [...]

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Boob tube culture: What if the U.S. electorate had been educated to think?


Lev Navrozov I am going to say something I know may not be popular with the readers. I spent half of my life in Stalin’s Russia. I was born there, got married there, and I never knew what the television set looks like. My mother would say, “Why do you need to watch television — [...]

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Open letter to the American people: We Soviet emigres have already seen this movie

Saul Alinksy, Karl Marx, Barack Obama.  /

Lev Navrozov Am I to believe that I have wasted forty years of my life in this country trying to explain the nature of dictatorship and what it meant to have been born and lived in Stalin’s paradise the first half of my life? Have I failed to pass on to you my first-hand knowledge [...]

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A tale of two conventions: Calm truths vs shrill lies

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm addresses the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. on Sept. 6.  /J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Lev Navrozov Recently I developed a bad habit: I go to bed early. But, then, there is a good side to it: I get up early in the morning with enough energy to last me for the day. I had no intention to voice my thoughts about the ongoing presidential race. But the constant telephone [...]

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Dangerous: An undetected Russian sub and the ‘likeability’ factor in U.S. politics

Russian Akula-class submarine.

Lev Navrozov “For Almost a Month, Americans Failed to Detect Russian Submarine Near Its Shores” reads the headline on an article by Yelena Sidorenko in the Russian newspaper “Vzglyad: Delovaya Gazeta” (“The View: the Business Newspaper”) of Aug. 15. A Russian “Akula-B”-class nuclear-powered attack submarine of Project 971 (as it is classified by the NATO), [...]

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Stalin’s dentist: Talent, that mysterious quality, is a rare thing


Lev Navrozov England was our first love. Good Old England. There was no way for us who studied English to go and live there, which was our impossible dream. We got to learn so much about it from books and recordings. Our son studied English by listening to Gielgud’s recitals of Shakespeare’s poems. He imitated [...]

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From late-night arrests in the USSR to Soros-funded ‘progressive’ assaults on freedom in the U.S.

The "overnight billionaire, socialist mediocrity" George Soros.

Lev Navrozov I was born in Moscow; I went to a Soviet school, where I discovered that there were things one should never mention in class. In particular, my parents told me never to reveal to my classmates any conversations we were having at home and never to discuss anything going on in our family. [...]

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From the safety of the West, recalling Stalin’s infinitely dangerous madness

Stalin in the background and his daughter Svetlana sitting on the lap of Lavrentiy Beria.

Lev Navrozov Let me remind my dear readers that I was born in 1928, that is, I was to live in Stalin’s hell on earth. Created in pre-Soviet Russia were works of genius (such as those of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, or Chekhov), which were translated into the languages of all culturally advanced countries. The Russian classical [...]

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Escape from the USSR and immigration to USA: We did it our way, and legally

Ellis Island.

Lev Navrozov The year was 1969. To an outsider, it would seem that the occupants of that white stone house on the hill, acres of birch trees, a cherry orchard, and surrounded by a high fence are happily enjoying their life. We worked at home. Rarely, my wife, chief editor of the Soviet branch of [...]

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