Japan’s 2015 White Paper raises threat level on China

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Russia says ‘nyet’ at UN to MH-17 downing tribunal


Special to WorldTribune.com By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — In a callous but not unexpected move to block an international inquiry on the fate of Malaysian flight #17 which was shot down over Ukraine just a year ago, Russia […]

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Nuclear agreement with Iran a diplomatic disaster of historic proportion


Special to WorldTribune.com Sarah N. Stern The Obama administration has entered into a nuclear deal between the P5+1 powers and the Islamic Republic of Iran that is more deplorable than we had even anticipated. The deal threatens the security of […]

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World shrugs as tide of displaced humans overwhelms relief agencies


Special to WorldTribune.com By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — The number of refugees fleeing their native lands as well as people being internally displaced in their home countries has surged beyond even the most dire predictions. Just six months […]

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Report: Wars cost 13 percent of world’s GDP with most uprooted people since World War II

The number of uprooted people topped 50 million, the highest level since World War II.

Special to WorldTribune.com Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty A new survey says the cost of conflicts reached a record $14.3 trillion in 2014, equivalent to 13.4 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. The 2015 Global Peace Index, published […]

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UN to let U.S. Congress move first on Iran nuclear deal

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, speaking in New Hampshire about the Iran bill.

Special to WorldTribune.com Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty The UN Security Council is likely to delay for at least a month action to lift nuclear sanctions on Tehran under any deal reached with world powers, giving the U.S. Congress […]

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Kuhner: Obamatrade would destroy America

Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner President Obama is on the verge of creating the New World Order. He is using Trade Promotion Authority — otherwise known as “fast track” — to pass his globalist dream: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a sweeping 12-nation trade […]

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UN report: ISIL runs ‘slave bazaar’ in which girls are stripped and traded as livestock

“Women and girls are at risk and under assault at every point of their lives.”

Special to WorldTribune.com A United Nations report has revealed shocking details of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant’s (ISIL) brutality includes a “slave bazaar” in which young rape victims are stripped naked before being sold and traded like livestock. […]

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Soft power for sale: Money talks through NGOs backed by Soros, Putin, et al.


Special to WorldTribune.com By Norman Bailey Ostensibly benign, independent NGOs are effective propaganda tools for those with the means — such as Russia. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)are becoming ever-more significant on the international scene. Non-profit and generally non-taxed organizations, ostensibly with […]

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UN ready to rebuild Gaza, but $5.4 billion in pledges failed to materialize

Palestinians at Friday prayers east of Gaza City, on Jan. 23. / Suhaib Salem / Reuters

Special to WorldTribune.com GAZA CITY — The United Nations reports that virtually none of the $5.4 billion pledged for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip has come through. The UN Refugee and Works Agency reported the halt in the international […]

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Shameful: 70 years after Liberation of Paris rally, U.S. president was absent


Special to WorldTribune.com By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — More than a million people along with forty-four world leaders rallied in Paris to proclaim liberty and call for press freedoms in the wake of the radical Islamist media massacre […]

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