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What Syria and Ukraine reveal about Putin and Russia’s military


Special to by Dr. Jack Caravelli, Geostrategy-Direct The 2014 annexation of Crimea and the ongoing civil war in Syria, while major political crises, also are replete with insights about the current state of the Russian military. First, the Russian […]

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Addition of Japan, Egypt, Ukraine to UN Security Council is boost for U.S.

Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — In its annual selection process, the full General Assembly has picked five countries to serve as non-permanent members on the UN Security Council. Importantly, Egypt, Japan and Ukraine as well […]

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Obama, man of peace and not of war, has yet to back up his words with action

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye and President Barack Obama.

Special to By Donald Kirk, President Obama might be considering the motto on which Woodrow Wilson ran for president in 1916 as his enduring legacy: “He kept us out of war.” That is, if he can forget that […]

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Investigators: Russian-made missile downed Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine

Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 near the Ukrainian town of Grabove on July 17, 2014.  /Dmitry Lovetsky/AP

Special to Dutch investigators on Oct. 13 said that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian-made BUK missile that was fired from eastern Ukraine. All 298 people on board the July 17, 2014 flight were killed. […]

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American voters reap what they sowed: Obama’s policies unleash not only Iran but . . . Moscow


Special to By Alexander Maistrovoy “The prospects are bright, but the road has twists and turns”. These are the words of Mao Zedong, but they could have belonged to Barack Obama. Unfortunately, “twists and turns” will be so numerous, […]

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Former British defense chief aims to provide leadership he charges the West lacks

Dr. Liam Fox.

Special to by Dr. Jack Caravelli, Geostrategy-Direct The summer months have been relatively quiet in Ukraine but the approach of fall could see a new round of Russian military opportunism and aggression according to former UK Secretary of State […]

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Russia says ‘nyet’ at UN to MH-17 downing tribunal


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — In a callous but not unexpected move to block an international inquiry on the fate of Malaysian flight #17 which was shot down over Ukraine just a year ago, Russia […]

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New Pentagon strategy greets growing ‘global disorder’ with a shrug

ISIL mortar attack in Hasakeh on June 28.  The Pentagon's new National Military Strategy notes that such non-traditional threats are on the rise. / Delil Souleiman / AFP

Special to by Dr. Jack Caravelli, Geostrategy-Direct The July 5 release of the Department of Defense’s “National Military Strategy of the United States” emphasizes what Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey describes as a global security environment […]

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Report details ‘dramatic’ rights abuses against Ukrainians who voted wrong in Putin referendum


Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Describing the situation as a “collapse of law and order” in the territories controlled by the self-proclaimed rebel Republics, and amid on- going hostilities between the Ukrainian government troops and […]

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Good news on the global economy: Government programs to stifle entrepreneurial initiative worked!

The economies of Russia and Ukraine are projected to shrink.

Special to By John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Amid modest economic growth worldwide, East Asia still leads the way. That’ s according to the UN’s updated “World Economic Situation Prospects” where the global economic growth is expected to […]

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