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China invests heavily in Sudanese energy sector, infrastructure


Special to CAIRO — China and Sudan have agreed to expand crude oil exploration. The two allies signed several agreements to explore for oil in the Arab state. Under the accords, signed last month, China would fund the exploration projects, expected to be conducted by the state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. Officials said China, [...]

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Analyst: Obama working with Sudan regime despite continued Darfur atrocities


Special to WASHINGTON — The U.S. intelligence community has maintained cooperation with Sudan despite atrocities in Darfur and weapons shipments to the Hamas regime, a report said. A leading U.S. analyst asserted that the administration of President Barack Obama has maintained cooperation with the Khartoum regime amid continued human rights violations and the killing [...]

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood leaders escaping to haven in Sudan


Special to CAIRO — Egypt’s intelligence community has determined that Muslim Brotherhood commanders were establishing a haven in neighboring Sudan. Security sources said Brotherhood political and military chiefs were moving south in an attempt to escape to Sudan. The sources said the Brotherhood has already established a haven to accommodate hundreds of senior Brotherhood [...]

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S. Sudan charges Khartoum instigated revolt, plans strike


Special to LONDON — South Sudan has been planning an offensive against its northern neighbor said to have backed and exploited the rebellion in South Sudan. Officials said the ruling Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement was planning a major military strike against the regime of Sudanese President Omar Bashir. They said SPLM, which controls the [...]

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Sudan’s Bashir orders China-backed forces to put down Darfour rebellion

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir attends an African Union summit on health in Abuja, Nigeria, on Monday, July 15, 2013. (photo credit:  /AP/Sunday Aghaeze

Special to CAIRO — Sudan has announced the launch of a counter-insurgency campaign. Officials said President Omar Bashir has ordered a CI campaign to destroy the rebellion in the Darfour province. The officials said the Sudanese Army and security forces were organizing thousands of troops in an effort to drive out the rebels by [...]

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Violent protests in Sudan target gas stations, government buildings

The recent unrest in Sudan began on Sept. 30 when the government lifted fuel subsidies to raise revenue.  /Reuters

Special to CAIRO — Sudan has been battling the worst unrest in decades. Nearly 1,000 people have been arrested by the regime of President Omar Bashir in a crackdown on protesters. Sudanese police and security forces have confronted rioters attacked government buildings and gasoline stations in wake of price rises by Khartoum. “The people [...]

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Meanwhile in Sudan: Fuel riots, a hiring spree of ex-Soviet air mercenaries and preparations for war

Sudan MiG-29SEs.

Special to By Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs The escalating fuel riots in Khartoum, and increasingly in other cities in Sudan, serve as a stark reminder of the inherent fragility and instability of the country. The riots were sparked by the spiraling prices of all fuel products [...]

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Sudanese Air Force acquires Russian-made Su-24 fighter-jets

Su-24 fighter.

Special to WASHINGTON — Sudan is said to have acquired Russian-origin fighter-jets that could strike targets in Darfour and along the border with South Sudan. A leading U.S. monitoring group said Sudan has received at least three Su-24 combat aircraft from Russia. The Satellite Sentinel Project said the bombers arrived in Sudan earlier this [...]

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Darfour II? Sudan orders more Russian aircraft after breaking pledge on their use

Sudan is said to have ordered seven Mi-24 attack helicopters from Russia.

Special to MOSCOW — Sudan has ordered advanced military aircraft from Russia despite a UN report in March that said Sudan violated a Security Council resolution and written pledges to Belarus and Russia to not use aircraft purchased from them in Darfour by carrying out “aerial bombardments and intimidating flights.” Officials said Sudan has [...]

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South Sudan paid Khartoum $236 million in oil transport fees

South Sudan soldiers guard an oil refinery in Melut, Upper West Nile state.  /AFP/Getty Images/Hannah McNeish

Special to CAIRO — Sudan has reported hundreds of millions of dollars in crude oil fees from South Sudan. Sudan’s official news agency said the Khartoum regime received $236 million in oil fees from South Sudan in 2013. The agency quoted a senior official as saying that the fees covered the transportation of South [...]

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