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Sudan supplying fighters against South Sudan in arms for oil deal with Iran, China

Rebel fighters in South Sudan.

Special to CAIRO — China and Iran are believed to be supplying weapons to fighters in Sudan. A report said rebels sponsored by the Khartoum regime were supplying Chinese and Iranian arms to rebels assigned to fight the new country of South Sudan. They said the rebels were using a range of light weapons, [...]

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S. Sudan revolt spreads as soldiers mutiny against president

South Sudan President Salva Kiir tells reporters at a news conference in Juba that the government has "full control" of the situation in the capital after what he says was an overnight coup attempt on Dec. 16.  /Larco Lomayat photo

Special to CAIRO — The military has been divided by a revolt that spread throughout South Sudan. Officials said the South Sudanese military was racked by a mutiny against President Salva Kiir. The officials said units loyal to ousted Vice President Riek Machar were taking over military bases in several provinces of South Sudan. [...]

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S. Sudan fights off coup attempt by ex-vice president

Former South Sudan vice president Riek Machar, left, and President Salva Kiir

Special to CAIRO — South Sudan has been hurled into turmoil amid a coup attempt. The government has acknowledged an attempted military coup in Juba on Dec. 16. Officials said a military faction aligned to former Vice President Riek Machar sought to overthrow President Salva Kiir. “These attacks continued until this morning,” Kiir said [...]

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The geopolitics of African resources: China plotting to tap them in new, ‘de-Americanized world’

China’s strategy is focused on routes for moving African natural resources toward the Indian Ocean.

Special to GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs People’s Republic of China (PRC) officials are becoming increasingly apprehensive about the rise in the use of the westward corridor to export oil, diamonds, and rare minerals out of South Sudan and the Central African Republic via Cameroon. In other words, this creates a flow to Atlantic sea [...]

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Meanwhile in Sudan: Fuel riots, a hiring spree of ex-Soviet air mercenaries and preparations for war

Sudan MiG-29SEs.

Special to By Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs The escalating fuel riots in Khartoum, and increasingly in other cities in Sudan, serve as a stark reminder of the inherent fragility and instability of the country. The riots were sparked by the spiraling prices of all fuel products [...]

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South Sudan paid Khartoum $236 million in oil transport fees

South Sudan soldiers guard an oil refinery in Melut, Upper West Nile state.  /AFP/Getty Images/Hannah McNeish

Special to CAIRO — Sudan has reported hundreds of millions of dollars in crude oil fees from South Sudan. Sudan’s official news agency said the Khartoum regime received $236 million in oil fees from South Sudan in 2013. The agency quoted a senior official as saying that the fees covered the transportation of South [...]

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Darfur tragedy obscured by mitigating factors: Oil, Sudan-China ties

A photo released by the Sudan governmnent on July 27 shows smoke on a road in South Kordofan after an attack on a military convoy escorting fuel tankers.

John J. Metzler UNITED NATIONS — Sudan’s embattled Darfur region has been cursed by the trauma of ethnic conflict and the continuing tragedy of displacement, refugees and hunger. As the decade long inter-ethnic conflict continues, the region’s violence continues but in a void of being largely forgotten and forsaken by the outside world. Airbrushed from [...]

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Options for a S. Sudan in crisis: ‘Party split, state failure, or … genuine multi-party democracy’

South Sudan president Salva Kiir.

Special to CAIRO — The new state of South Sudan has been heading toward a split, a report said. The Sudd Institute said South Sudan’s ruling movement has been paralyzed by a crisis that has resulted in mass firings in Juba. In a report, the institute said President Salva Kiir, head of the Sudan’s [...]

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South Sudan leader ousts vice president seen caving to Khartoum

S. Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit.  /Getty

Special to GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs staff in Juba President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan on July 23, 2013, issued a presidential decree removing Vice President Riek Machar Teny and dissolving the whole government of South Sudan. President Kiir dismissed all 29 ministers and deputy ministers, and did not immediately appoint a new [...]

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Sudan again turns off spigot on pipeline from the South

South Sudan has said it ordered the halt of oil production that provides some 98 percent of its revenue.  /AFP

Special to CAIRO — South Sudan plans to again halt crude oil production. Officials said South Sudan intends to end oil production by August amid a renewed dispute with the Khartoum regime in Sudan. Officials said the Juba government has been trying to sell 6.4 million barrels of oil surplus before the shutdown. “This [...]

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