Israel Air Force readies ‘mass strike machine’ after Iran deal

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Italy covers naked statues in ‘sign of respect’ for visiting Iran leader

plywood panels cover naked statues inside the Campidoglio, Capitol Hill, during a meeting between Italian Premier Matteo Renzi and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in Rome, Italy, January 25, 2016. (Giuseppe Lami/ANSA via AP

Special to Italy on Jan. 25 covered nude statues in deference to the visiting leader of one of the world’s top state sponsors of terrorism. Nude statues at Rome’s Capitoline Museum were covered by large white panels in an […]

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Iran’s Rouhani takes victory tour with stops in Italy, France and the Vatican

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  /Getty Images

Special to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s nuclear deal victory tour will include visits to Italy, Vatican City and France. On Jan. 16, Europe, as well as the United States, lifted sanctions on Teheran after the International Atomic Energy Agency […]

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Italy sending 450 troops to protect engineers, unstable Mosul Dam from ISIL

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters guard Mosul Dam in August 2014.  /Reuters

Special to Italy is deploying 450 soldiers to protect Iraq’s vital Mosul Dam from Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL). The dam is 30 miles from the city of Mosul, which ISIL controls. Officials fear a catastrophe for local […]

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Face of evil resurfaces in Paris: ISIL jubilant as EU, U.S. confront intel and info war failures

The wounded are evacuated from the Bataclan concert hall on Friday, Nov. 13. / Yoan Valat / EPA

Special to by Dr. Jack Caravelli, Geostrategy-Direct The French capital was under siege again as a brazen, coordinated attack on six popular Parisian locations was carried out on Nov. 13 by what is almost certainly an Islamic terrorist group, […]

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Rouhani: For U.S.-Iran ties to be restored, U.S. must apologize

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  /AP/Ebrahim Noroozi

Special to If relations between Iran and the United States are to be restored, the U.S. must apologize for its past behavior, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Nov. 12. Rouhani, who earlier had said the nuclear deal with […]

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Convicted terrorist arrested among migrants on boat bound for Europe

Ben Nasr Mehdi

Special to Italian police last month detained a convicted terrorist who was hiding among asylum seekers on a boat from Libya. Police in Sicily confirmed that they detained Ben Nasr Mehdi, a Tunisian who was first arrested in Italy […]

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100,000 Palestinians have fled Syria for Europe, more than 2,000 drowned at sea

Palestinian refugees at Yarmouk camp in Syria.  /EPA

Special to Some 100,000 Palestinians have fled refugee camps in Syria for Europe, the head of the Palestinian Forum in Europe said on Sept. 6. Ziad al-Aloul said 2,300 Palestinians drowned as they tried to reach Greece and about […]

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Europe hit by migrant flood of biblical proportions

Officials in Hungary and Austria say Germany triggered the crisis when it said last week that it would ease entry requirements for Syrian refugees.

Special to Europe has been flooded by over 350,000 Middle East migrants in 2015. “Since the beginning of the year 2,342 migrants have died in the Mediterranean, 2,326 in the Channel of Sicily,” said Federico Soda, director of the […]

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Italian foreign minister: Libya could become next Somalia

ISIL jihadists in Sirte, Libya.

Special to Libya could become “another Somalia” if the country’s two rival governments fail to reach a peace agreement, Italy’s foreign minister said in a joint statement with the U.S. and European allies. Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said time […]

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Spyware that targeted Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi deployed against Kim Jong-Un?

Silvio Berlusconi

Special to By Donald Kirk, SEOUL — Cyber espionage is the cutting edge of modern warfare. Think of all the great stuff intelligence agents learn from monitoring the conversations of just about everyone. The only problem is how […]

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