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Tunisia captures Al Qaida operatives near Libyan border

Special to WorldTribune.com

CAIRO — Tunisia has reported foiling a major insurgency plot.

The Interior Ministry said security forces captured three suspected Al Qaida insurgents and explosives.

Ben Guerdane, near Tunisia's border with Libya.

Ben Guerdane, near Tunisia’s border with Libya.

The ministry said the insurgents planned a series of suicide bombings against government and tourist targets.

“The explosives consist of mines and explosive belts,” Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Laroui said.

Officials said the suspects were arrested outside Ben Guerdane, near the Libyan border, on early May 25 by the Tunisian National Guard. They said this marked the latest success in Tunisia’s offensive against Al Qaida, including fighters from neighboring Algeria and Libya.

So far, 13 suspected members of the Al Qaida cell were reported arrested. Officials said security forces also seized anti-tank mines and TNT.

“The terrorists are supported by Libyan armed groups and Tunisians in Libya who are planning attacks in Tunisia,” Laroui said.

The government has urged Tunisians to cooperate with the military and
security forces. An official statement said the latest insurgency cell,
already interrogated, targeted economic and tourist assets as well as
leading Tunisians.

“The security forces possess sufficient means to foil any terrorist
plot,” Prime Minister Mehdi Joma said.

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