Tianjin disaster: A China mystery wrapped in an enigma

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Xi Jinping appears less powerful than his PR agents wanted us to believe

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Willy Lam, East-Asia-Intel.com

The latest “terrorist” attack in China — the stabbing incident at the Guangzhou Railway Station on Tuesday, May 6 — resulted only in six people injured.

Zhou Yongkang, left, and Xi Jinping

Zhou Yongkang, left, and Xi Jinping

Yet coming hot upon the heels of bombing and stabbing mishaps in cities including Kunming and Urumqi, the Guangzhou case has made a dent on the authority of President Xi Jinping.

Since coming to power at the 18th Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Congress in late 2012, the 61-year-old Xi has amassed more powers than his two predecessors, ex-presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao.

By becoming the head of the Central National Security Commission — a super-agency that Xi set up late last year to take charge of units including the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), People’s Armed Police, the public security and state security authorities, as well as the courts and prosecutor’s offices — Xi has control over what Chinese call “the gun and the knife.”

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