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Qatar expels Brotherhood leaders under pressure from Saudis, Egypt

Special to WorldTribune.com

CAIRO — Qatar is said to have expelled at least three leaders of Egypt’s ousted Muslim Brotherhood movement.

An Egyptian daily reported that the Gulf Cooperation Council emirate has expelled or forced out a range of Brotherhood operatives.

Yusef Qaradawi

Yusef Qaradawi appears on a list of fugitives in Qatar.

The daily, Al Masri Al Yom, cited Brotherhood secretary-general Mahmoud Hussein, deported amid Egyptian and Saudi Arabian pressure on Doha.

“The Qatari government is working on a list of wanted figures or others involved in activities against the Gulf countries or Egypt to extradite them to the Gulf Cooperation Council,” Al Masri said.

In a report on May 5, Al Masri cited two other Brotherhood leaders expelled over the last few weeks. They were identified as Gamal Heshmat and Bassem Khafagy, said to have helped direct the Islamic revolt in Egypt.

Arab diplomatic sources said Qatar, under an agreement with the GCC, deported dozens of Brotherhood operatives who escaped Egypt after the military coup in July 2013. They said the operatives were flown to Egypt’s neighbor Libya and joined Islamist militias.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have submitted a list of 15 fugitives who
obtained haven in Qatar. One Islamist believed on the list was identified as
Yusef Qaradawi, a leading Sunni cleric and host of a program on Qatar’s
A-Jazeera satellite channel.

Qaradawi, who is approaching 90, has denied any plans to leave Qatar.
But diplomatic sources said Doha has been searching for Arab states to host
Qaradawi. They were said to have included Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and

“Qaradawi has made extravagant demands, including a large security
detail and the right to continue his propaganda activities,” a source said.

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