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Saudi suspects Iran behind mortar attack near Saudi-Iraq border

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ABU DHABI — Saudi Arabia has come under a rare attack believed to stem from Iran.

The Saudi Border Guard said one of its facilities came under mortar fire on Nov. 21.

saudi-iranThe security agency said at least six mortars were fired toward a post near the border with Iraq.

“Six mortar shells fell in an uninhabited area near the new Al Auja border guard center of Hafr al-Batin in the Eastern Province,” border guard spokesman Gen. Mohammed Al Ghamdi said.

Al Ghamdi said the mortars fell in an open area and no damage resulted. He said Saudi Arabia was coordinating with neighboring countries to prevent another attack.

Hafr Al Batin is located near the Saudi border with Iraq and Kuwait.
There are no large population centers near the border post.

The mortar attack took place two days after the two suicide bombers
attacked the Iranian embassy in Lebanon. Teheran has blamed Saudi Arabia for
financing Sunni militias in both Lebanon and neighboring Syria.

Saudi Arabia has been building a high-technology barrier along its
thousands of kilometers of border with such countries as Iraq and Yemen.
Officials said the barrier along the Iraqi frontier has not yet been
equipped with advanced sensors.

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