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Israel: Outgunned UN force ‘folded like umbrella’, stopped tracking arms to Hizbullah

Special to WorldTribune.com

JERUSALEM — Israel has determined that the United Nations stopped
monitoring the flow of weapons to the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah in
southern Lebanon.

Officials said the UN Interim Force in Lebanon has suspended most
operations designed to track and intercept heavy weapons to Hizbullah and
other militias south of Lebanon’s Litani River.

UNIFIL troops at work observing Section 83 near the Blue Line on the border between Lebanon and Israel, Lebanon.  /UN Photo/Mark Garten)

UNIFIL troops observing Section 83 near the Blue Line on the border between Lebanon and Israel. /UN Photo/Mark Garten

The officials said UNIFIL, under threat by Hizbullah, no longer reported on weapons that enter its area of operations.

“Under pressure, a multi-national force is like an umbrella that gets
folded up on a rainy day,” Israeli national security adviser Yaakov Amidror said. “Under their [UNIFIL] mandate, they cannot stop Hizbullah and confiscate its arms, but they can write a report. There has been no UNIFIL report about any weapon of any Hizbullah person since UNIFIL has existed.”

Officials said Hizbullah, a leading ally of Syrian President Bashar
Assad, has amassed an arsenal of at least 60,000 missile and rockets, the
vast majority deemed short-range projectiles. Amidror, however, said
Hizbullah accumulated 5,000 long-range rockets with what he termed heavy warheads.

In an address to Tel Aviv University on April 4, Amidror asserted that
UNIFIL was violating its own mandate in southern Lebanon. Amidror, a
former chief of military intelligence’s research division, said the UN force
of some 12,000 has failed to make a dent in the massive arms buildup.

“Has Hizbullah avoided bringing any kind of rocket, missile or other
arms into southern Lebanon because UNIFIL is there?” Amidror asked.

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