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Judgment Day for princeling Bo Xilai: Hard time or ‘Chinese-style rule by law’?

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Willy Lam, East-Asia-Intel.com

The Beijing leadership is set to wrap up the case of former Politburo member and Chongqing Party Secretary Bo Xilai before the end of February.

Bo Xilai and wife Gu Kailai.

Princeling Bo, 63, the son of revered Party elder Bo Yibo, has been accused of crimes including corruption, abuse of power, an “immoral lifestyle,” as well as forming a conspiratorial cabal against the Chinese Communist Party leadership.

Similar to cases involving major political prisoners, Bo’s fate will be decided by the ruling Politburo Standing Committee and the Central Political-Legal Commission, which has direct control of the police and the courts.

Chinese sources close to the judicial apparatus say in view of the frontal challenge that Bo posed to the authority of both former President Hu Jintao and new General Secretary Xi Jinping, there is a good possibility that he will be slapped with a suspended death sentence after a quick trial that will be closed to the public.

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