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Turkey seeks ceasefire with Kurdish Workers Party

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ANKARA — Turkey has been negotiating a disarmament agreement with
the Kurdish Workers Party.

Officials said Turkey’s intelligence community was examining the
prospect of a long-term ceasefire with the PKK. They said the intelligence
community offered the PKK a range of options after Ankara determined that
Kurdish insurgents could not be defeated militarily.

Yalcin Akdogan, Turkish MP from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and adviser to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan.

“The main aim for the government is to disarm them,” Yalcin Akdogan, the chief adviser to Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, said. “You cannot get results and abolish an organization only with armed struggle.”

In an interview on Turkish television on Dec. 31, Akdogan became the
first senior official to confirm secret negotiations between Ankara and PKK. Akdogan said the effort could be vetoed by the PKK leadership in Iraq.

“We have to see how [the PKK command in] Kandil will react,” Akdogan said. “The organization also saw that they cannot get anywhere through armed struggle.”

Officials said Turkey’s MIT intelligence agency has been discussing a
ceasefire with PKK chief Abdullah Ocalan, in jail since 1999. They said
intelligence directors met Ocalan several times, the last of which took place on Dec. 23.

“The intelligence services are in talks with him,” Akdogan said.
Turkey was said to have offered PKK commanders amnesty as well as exile
in exchange for disarmament. Turkish reports identified one haven as

Officials said 2012 marked the bloodiest year for the PKK in decades.
Over the last 18 months, more than 1,000 Turkish soldiers and civilians were
killed in PKK ambushes near the border with Iraq.

“I cannot hold such meetings myself as a politician but the state has
agents and they do [hold talks],” Erdogan said in another television
interview. “The meetings on are still under way because we must get a
result. As long as we see a light [in the potential for a result], we
continue to take steps. If there is no light, we will stop there.”

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1 Comment for “Turkey seeks ceasefire with Kurdish Workers Party”

  1. Turkey has been committing a genocide of the Kurds in Turkey and Iraq for years. Turkey not only has bombed and shelled the Kurds in Iraq, it invaded Iraq with armor and ground troops. Although that occurred while the US troops were still active in Iraq, the US did not even officially express concern over the Turkish attacks. The Shiite Iraqi government, which would like to see the Kurds destroyed, has said little about the Turkish attacks. If Turkey becomes actively involved in the Syrian civil war, and invades Syria, the Syrian Kurds will be their primary target. The Kurds in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria want their own country, in which they will rule themselves. However, there has been no glamorization or “Arab Spring” celebration of their efforts, and no countries have overtly come to their aid. The support of the USA and Europe for people who demand their freedom has been, and remains, very selective.