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Former Navy cryptologist charged with attempted spying for Russia

Special to WorldTribune.com

Compiled by Miles Yu, Geostrategy-Direct.com

Robert Patrick Hoffman II, 39, a former 20-year Navy submarine petty officer first class and cryptologist who retired last year, was arrested by the FBI on Dec. 6 on charges of attempted espionage for Russia.

Robert Patrick Hoffman has been charged with passing classified documents to individuals he believed represented the Russian government.

According to a federal indictment, on Oct. 21, Hoffman attempted to pass secret documents to people he thought were Russian agents.

The documents pertained “to methods to track submarines, including the technology and procedures required,” a federal indictment said.

In fact, Hoffman delivered the information to the FBI, which was conducting an undercover sting operation.

Russia was not accused of conducting offensive espionage against the U.S. the FBI said in a statement. If convicted, Hoffman faces life in prison.

The indictment provides no further details of the undercover operation.

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1 Comment for “Former Navy cryptologist charged with attempted spying for Russia”

  1. Does anyone remember the USS Scorpion? It was sunk by a Soviet Sub back in 67 or 68. All hands(99) were lost because of some American traitors sold U.S. submarine top secret info to Ivan. As a former “Bubblehead” I would like to see this SOB tied to a ship’s anchor and anchor’s aweigh.