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Report: Hamas fired Chinese-made WS-1E rockets into Israel

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Compiled by Miles Yu,

Among the thousands of rockets and mortar shells recently fired from Gaza by Hamas into Israel were Chinese-made WS-1E rockets.

A WS-1E, a Chinese-manufactured rocket Hamas is known to possess, being fired from a truck. /

These and various types of Iranian-made Qassem rockets were identified as the main types that were fired from Gaza, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel.

The WS-1E (Weishi-1E or the Guardian-1E) artillery rockets are 122-mm in diameter and have a 45-pound warhead.

They have a range of 45 kilometers, or 28 miles.

Because launch vehicle is bulky, Israeli defense officials were intrigued as to how the weapons were transported into the highly monitored Gaza.

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