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Israel adds to intel ranks to counter ‘new and complex threats’

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TEL AVIV — Israel’s military has sought to expand its intelligence

Military sources said the Intelligence Division has been increasing
recruitment for such tasks as collection and analysis. They said MI sought
to improve its capability in such countries as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and

Israel’s Military Intelligence Division is increasing monitoring of Al Qaida and Hizbullah. /AP/Mohammed Zaatari

“These pose new and complex threats that need steady and intensive
monitoring,” a military source said.

In 2012, MI increased its officer training course by 25 percent. The
sources said the training was enhanced by the introduction of advanced technology and methods to understand both military and political developments in the Middle East.

“For decades, intelligence was focused on military and terrorism,” the
source said. “MI is now training its officers to learn how to detect and
track unrest in regional countries that could lead to significant and even strategic changes.”

The sources said MI was intensifying monitoring of Al Qaida and
Hizbullah insurgents throughout the Levant and other areas of the Middle East. They cited the flow of Islamist operatives and arms smugglers from Jordan and Libya to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

“Sinai has become the magnet for Al Qaida and others that seek to
destabilize the region,” another source said. “This means that MI has to be
able to track several countries at the same time and coordinate data between
different sections.”

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