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Hamas fires first surface-to-air missile against Israeli Air Force

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TEL AVIV — Hamas has begun firing surface-to-air missiles toward the
Israel Air Force.

Israeli military sources said the Hamas regime has deployed Russian air
defense systems in the Gaza Strip.

An IDF helicopter flying over the Gaza Strip. /Eliyahu Ben Yigal/Gini

The sources said Hamas gunners were firing SA-7 missiles toward Israel Air Force fighter-jets and helicopters both from the Gaza Strip and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

“Hamas acquired the SA-7 as early as three years ago, but only now has decided to use them,” a military source said. “The assessment is that they have hundreds of such missiles, most of them kept in storage.”

On Oct. 16, the Israeli military confirmed the firing of one SA-7
missile from the Gaza Strip. A military statement said the missile was
directed at but missed an Israeli military helicopter.

“We know of Hamas plans to either procure or develop an enhanced version of the SA-7,” the source said.

Hamas is believed to have also received the SA-14, with a range of six
kilometers. SA-7 has a range of 3.5 kilometers.

The sources said Hamas has also acquired an advanced anti-tank guided
missile. They identified the missile as the French-origin Milan, a
wire-guided missile with a range of two kilometers.

“The Milan and the SAMs were shipped from Libya and smuggled through
Egypt to Gaza,” the source said.

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